Consulting Services
In the United Kingdom

Expert Services for the IBM Sterling Solutions
Portfolio in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Consulting Services for IBM Commerce, B2B Integration and WebSphere in the UK and Ireland

We deliver comprehensive consulting, implementation and support services for the IBM Sterling B2B Integration, IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer, IBM Sterling Order Management, and IBM WebSphere solutions.  Our consulting services include:

IBM Sterling B2B integration solution architecture

IBM solution implementation services

IBM Gentran and B2B Integrator upgrade and migration services

EDI and B2B translation and mapping services

EDI and B2B integration managed Services

B2B trading partner management

EDI and B2B solution optimization and health check services

EDI and B2B staffing and ongoing support

We also offer a variety of implementation, management and support services for the IBM WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere MQ and WebSphere DataPower solutions.

Our team understands the gulf that exists between the individual business requirements of most companies and the standard operations of B2B and Commerce systems. Their core business objective is to close this gap and make sure all our customers get the most possible benefit from their investment, including:

  • Lightwell UK Customer Testimonial - CNSMinimal B2B connectivity costs
  • Efficient procurement process
  • Complete visibility of accurate, real-time supply chain information
  • Better, more informed business management decisions
  • Seamless electronic integration with 100% of customers and suppliers
  • Maximise customer loyalty and retention

Your IBM Commerce Consulting Partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Please contact us via web today or call us at +44 (0) 845 226 0979 to discuss how we can assist you.   If you’re a technical consultant interested in our Belfast training program, please visit our IT careers site to submit your resume.