About Chase

A History of Success in the UK

Chase Consultancy is Now Lightwell

Since 2002 Chase Consultancy has helped companies maximise their investments in EDI and B2B integration business solutions.  Our consultancy services include implementation and support services, managed services and training courses around the IBM Sterling solutions portfolio.

Lightwell UK & Ireland Testimonial - Irish Dairy Board
Learn about the importance of B2B integration at Irish Dairy Board, and their partnership with Lightwell

Prior to the acquisition of Chase Consultancy by Oxford Consulting Group (now Lightwell), we were the leading independent IBM Sterling Commerce product consultancy in the UK and Ireland, offering a wide range of professional consultancy services and software sales.  In addition, we were the first IBM Business Partner to able to offer sales, consultancy, training and support in the IBM Sterling product set.

Our company has won multiple industry awards, including the IBM Platinum Achievement Award.

Unrivaled EDI and B2B Integration Experience in the United Kingdom

Our consultants, now part of the Lightwell team, have decades of experience making sure companies benefit from an EDI solution that delivers what you want – lower operational costs, accurate message connections and smooth efficient electronic trading with ALL your business partners.

The Lightwell UK Team
An introduction to the Lightwell team: Chris Thorpe (CTO) and Kyriakos Markianos share their experiences and perspectives on working with our customers, solutions and partners in the UK.

We have deep expertise in all types of EDI – including: EDIFACT, Tradacom, X12, VDA, XML, bespoke integration, communications (VAN, AS2 etc.) and a host of new and legacy technologies.

Learn more about services provided by Chase Consultancy / Lightwell in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Lightwell and Chase Consultancy Customers

Our consultants have been instrumental in delivering optimised EDI solutions for hundreds of companies, including:

  • Irish Dairy Board
  • Alcan
  • Cadbury
  • Brother
  • Homebase

Chase Consultancy Clients

Please contact us via web today or call us at +44 (0) 845 226 0979 to discuss how we can assist you.   If you’re a technical consultant interested in our Belfast training program, please visit our IT careers site to submit your resume.