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Enabling Seamless Omnichannel Order Experiences

IBM Gold Business partnerYour customers want and need multiple touch points to your business, including your sales team, retail storefront, e-commerce website, call centers, or perhaps even strategic channel partners.

They expect your company to know their shopping preferences and history—regardless of channel or touch point—and you must be able to use that information to engage them in a personalized and relevant manner.

Customers expect to be able to build and configure products and services the way they want them, with the right pricing and discounts. They want seamless shopping experiences across all channels, and want to know when their order will be delivered before they buy.

Once they submit their order, they expect flawless order management and fulfillment, including:

  • An immediate order confirmation
  • Locating the inventory across multiple locations to fulfill each line item of an order in an optimal manner
  • Shipping complete orders at the right time, with the right carrier, at the best price
  • Scheduling and coordinating related services
  • Receiving real-time updates on their mobile devices
  • The ability to return a product easily via their preferred method

All along, you must present a consistent image and experience across all channels to your customers, ensure the right levels of inventory, while ensuring that stores, warehouses, distributors, shippers and other partners are completely synchronized.

Barriers to Omnichannel Commerce Success

However, many companies lack the real-time inventory visibility across channels needed to deliver on the “buy anywhere, get anywhere” omnichannel promise.  Typically, they must contend with:

  • Disjointed order management capabilities that make it difficult to manage and fulfill orders efficiently
  • Siloed and redundant data resulting from poor integration between systems
  • Poorly synchronized inventory and customer data across customer-facing systems

These omnichannel commerce challenges lead to customer frustration, brand dissatisfaction, inefficiency, and rising costs.

However, companies can overcome this with solutions that address all of these complex needs and challenges, along with assistance from an experienced commerce partner.  We can help.

Our Order Management and Omnichannl Commerce Solutions

Through our partnership with IBM, we deliver and support the following order management and supply chain management solutions for B2B commerce and B2C commerce:

Order Management and Fulfillment Solutions


IBM Sterling Order Management System

Enables large and mid-market organizations to orchestrate and optimize complex order fulfillment processes across their network of customers, partners and suppliers. Extended capabilities and modules of this solution include:

IBM Order Optimizer

Advanced analytics and insights to meet customers’ omnichannel expectations and reduce total order fulfillment costs.

Lightwell OMS for IBM Order Management

A suite of pre-built capabilities and value-added services that streamline the implementation, reduce the cost of ownership, and improve the ROI of the IBM Sterling Order Management solution

Lightwell Sterling OMS Test Framework for IBM Order Management

Reduce the time, effort, and cost involved in Sterling Order Management testing, while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes.

Order Management Complementary Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

Provides a powerful online customer interaction platform for seamless cross-channel commerce and rich, differentiated customer experiences.

IBM Digital Commerce

Extensive cloud-based commerce solution enables you to enhance your customer shopping experience and quickly go to market with a cloud-based solution.

IBM Configure, Price, Quote

Enables the configuration of complex products, helps you manage pricing scenarios and automates the quoting process across multiple channels.

Supply Chain Management Solutions

IBM Watson Supply Chain Solutions

Cognitive technology for a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain.

IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Connectivity to automate B2B document exchanges and AI-powered visibility into B2B transaction lifecycle.

IBM Supply Chain Insights 

Achieve real-time visibility and insights while reducing risk.


Your Partner for IBM Order Management Solutions


Lightwell Order Management Services
By working with the skilled and experienced consulting and implementation team at Lightwell, your business can get the most from these solutions, while improving time-to-benefit, total cost of ownership, and return on investment.

Our highly-trained team of order management professionals will help with the acquisition, implementation, management, and support of your solution, and will provide:

  • Real world business expertise in order management, order fulfillment and supply chain solutions
  • Best practices gained from numerous implementations with some of the world’s most complex supply chains
  • Superior project management so that deadlines are met and within budget
  • Technical experts who understand the offerings and can best configure the software for your business needs
  • Optimal return on investment for your project

Learn more about our consulting services for omnichannel commerce and supply chain management.

Contact us today to discuss your omnichannel commerce and supply chain management needs, or learn more about overcoming the challenges via the white paper below.