Sterling OMS
Test Framework

For IBM Sterling Order Management

Reduce the Time, Effort, and Cost Involved in Order Management System Testing

Companies leveraging the IBM Sterling Order Management (OMS) solution may create and modify hundreds to thousands of unique testing scenarios throughout the development lifecycle.

Developing and running these tests can require significant time and effort, as well as specific technical skills to create and manage them.

When a change to a test is required (such as a new or different product, distribution center, partner, or delivery option), it can be time-consuming to make changes in the code, recompile and then run the test for each change to the requirements.

These and other shortcomings can lead to order errors, costs to fix them, and delayed development cycles.

Simplifying Sterling OMS Testing

The Sterling OMS Test Framework was developed by Lightwell to automate and simplify the full testing process for the IBM Sterling Order Management Solution. It helps companies quickly develop new test scenarios and modify existing ones. It greatly reduces the time and cost involved in all phases of testing, while helping to reduce errors across order management and fulfillment processes.

The OMS Test Framework provides implementation and support organizations with a way to support unit testing, Quality Assurance Testing and Performance Testing of the Sterling Order Management platform.

Key Capabilities of the Sterling OMS Test Framework

  • Supports every stage of the implementation process
  • Allows comprehensive, automated test suites to be developed quickly and efficiently
  • Tests can be reused, extended and modified easily
  • Human-readable interface enables real-time monitoring
  • Status and debugging at each step
  • Detailed step-by-step results
  • Powerful performance testing
  • Individual and parallel testing
  • Support for multiple OMS environments

Benefits of the OMS Test Framework

  • Reduces the time, resources and costs involved in developing and executing test cases for unit testing, QA and performance testing
  • Minimizes errors in the creation and execution of tests
  • Enables developers to test more scenarios more thoroughly—with less effort—improving overall performance and accuracy
  • Enables faster response to changing conditions and needs
  • Helps to simulate and test new marketplaces, facilitating the addition of new revenue streams
  • Speeds time-to-market for new products and offerings
  • Helps to optimize order efficiency through extensive scenario testing
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction through more accurate and timely order fulfillment

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