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Overcome Order Management Challenges

IBM Excellence Award IBM SterlingCustomer demand has forced retailers and manufacturers to become more responsive with their order management and fulfillment processes.

Customers expect a seamless cross-channel shopping experience (from e-commerce sites to contact centers to physical locations), the products they want to be readily available, expedient delivery, and near-perfect order fulfillment rates.

Competition is fierce, driving the need for innovative e-commerce experiences and superior customer service even higher. Along with this drive for exceptional service, prices must be kept competitive, and with the constant pressure to increase profitability, expenses must be minimized across the supply chain.

As a result of these factors, order management has become increasingly complex, and many companies lack the right systems and capabilities to address the challenges. Here are a few examples:

Challenge Impact
Order management systems are disconnected
  • Companies must rely on inefficient manual processes to fulfill orders
  • Increases costs and delays across the supply chain
  • Accurate order information is often unavailable when needed
Systems can’t support managing distributed orders
  • Limits the ability to source products and ensure timely delivery from multiple suppliers
Lack of complete order visibility across multiple locations or suppliers
  • Limits inventory visibility
  • Limits the choices customers have in fulfilling their items
  • Results in exceptionally high stock-outs
  • Makes it nearly impossible to provide customers accurate promise dates or optimal order sources
Lack of a unified system to track fulfillment performance across sources and locations
  • Companies face difficulty in identifying and responding to fulfillment issues quickly, which impacts customer service
Systems lack the ability to direct orders according to multiple variables such as delivery deadlines, location, etc.
  • This limits the ability to improve inventory utilization across multiple locations, which impacts operational costs
Company is operating in a batch processing environment
  • Challenges providing real-time order status visibility that customers demand
  • Making changes to incorporate real-time information in legacy systems can be exceptionally costly
Legacy systems lack the ability to track key performance metrics
  • Companies face difficulty in improving order fill rates, cycle times and customer service levels

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What is needed is a unified order management system that addresses these issues, enables your company to deliver superior service, increases efficiency across the supply chain, and increases business responsiveness—one that integrates into your company’s existing environment without disrupting supply chain operations.

Order Management Solutions and Services

Lightwell has extensive experience designing, implementing, managing, supporting, and optimizing order management systems for retailers, manufacturers and other industries where order orchestration and the timely delivery of goods are critical.

For large and mid-market enterprises that need a comprehensive, customizable and highly-scalable order management system, we offer the industry-leading solutions:

We also offer a wide range of services, frameworks and pre-built solutions – such as our Lightwell OMS and Sterling OMS Test Framework to enhance these order management solutions.

Learn more through the links above, or contact us today to discuss your omni-channel order management solution needs.