Magento Order Management

Deliver a Truly Connected Omnichannel
Ordering and Fulfillment Experience

Exceed Customers’ Omnichannel Expectations and Increase Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Magento Solution PartnerWith Magento Order Management, retailers and brands can effectively manage complex order processes, optimize order fulfillment, and coordinate the customer’s experience across all sales and fulfillment channels.

It connects supply- and demand-side channels, gathering information from them to facilitate choices and optimize the profitability for each individual order.

It provides companies a unified view of orders and inventory, along with intelligent sourcing logic. As a result, companies can route orders for fulfillment from the best location (warehouse, store network, drop-shippers, etc.) based on a set of prioritized rules they can define.

Order Management Features

Magento Order Management is a stand-alone, multi-tenant, cloud-based solution with a rich feature set that includes:

  • Distributed Order Management (DOM)
    • Deliver one view across all channels and route orders to the appropriate fulfillment location.
  • Omnichannel Fulfillment
    • Turn stores, suppliers, and partners into mini-distribution centers. Expose store inventory to online shoppers, and provide flexible fulfillment options.
  • Global Inventory Management
    • Provide full inventory visibility and exceed the high expectations of your customers.
  • Customer Service
    • Deliver high-quality customer satisfaction with customer service features including order details and status lookup, appeasements and refunds, and order escalation workflow.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    • Fully leverage your order management data to gain actionable insight into fulfillment processes.

It can be implemented as a fully integrated solution or by adding modules as needed. This highly flexible solution offers:

  • Pre-integration with Magento Commerce
  • Rich, out-of-the-box features
  • Unlimited ability to customize
  • Seamless third-party integrations

In addition, the solution integrates with third party webstore platforms such as IBM WebSphere Commerce and Demandware.

As a result of leveraging Magento Order Management, companies achieve numerous benefits including:

  • Optimizing inventory utilization
  • Expanding into new channels
  • Increasing sales in retail stores
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Accelerating time to market

Tap into our Order Management Expertise

Our team has extensive experience assisting companies across a variety of industries with large and complex order management system implementations. As a Magento partner, we bring this expertise and knowledge of best practices to companies needing assistance with the Magento Order Management solution.

We offer a full range of order management services—including:

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