Support Services for
IBM Sterling OMS

Achieve the benefits of Sterling OMS while significantly reducing the burden on your internal resources

If your organization is like many, you may be facing resource-related challenges and concerns on the road to achieving your order management and omnichannel objectives. These include:

  • Addressing the lack of OMS skills in-house
  • Determining the best use of internal resources versus external
  • Having the right skills to avoid costly OMS errors and downtime
  • Supporting growth without sufficient budget, infrastructure, and resources

How Lightwell Can Help

Whether you’re faced with a combination of these issues or are facing challenges that are unique to your business, our team can help.

We have developed a comprehensive and flexible suite of support services based on our team’s extensive experience implementing, managing, and supporting the OMS solution.

Our OMS Support Services are designed to help you achieve the extensive benefits of the IBM Sterling OMS Solution while significantly reducing the burden on your company’s internal resources.

OMS Support Services Highlights

  • A team of OMS experts with extensive OMS experience across multiple industries

  • Multiple service levels available to accommodate your needs

  • Lightwell-hosted, IBM-hosted, and client-hosted options

  • Exceptional flexibility for organizations with unique or non-traditional needs, such as 3PLs, B2B companies, and companies with multiple brands

  • Ideal for companies who leverage multiple IBM Commerce solutions, including IBM Sterling OMS, B2B Integration, and Managed File Transfer

Benefits of Lightwell OMS Support Services

  • Highly-skilled resources at a lower total cost
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Support and scalability for growth
  • Better focus on your key initiatives and core competencies
  • Faster response to changing conditions
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Interested in getting started with our OMS Support Services? Contact us today or call us at (614) 310-2700 to discuss your needs, and we’ll work together to determine the right mix of services for you.