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Comprehensive Services for
IBM Sterling Order Management

Implementation, Management, Support, and Optimization Services for IBM Sterling OMSIBM Platinum Business Partner

While order management software and systems offer numerous capabilities and benefits that can improve your top and bottom lines, there can also be a number of pitfalls.

Your business must know how to avoid these pitfalls, fix problems as they arise, and ensure your order management software and systems are working optimally at all times so that no single order is ever sacrificed.  The experienced team at Lightwell can help with extensive knowledge and consulting services that fit your needs.

Extensive Order Management Solution Knowledge and Experience

Our team has extensive experience in implementing, managing and optimizing order management systems, including the IBM Sterling Order Management System (OMS).  From global enterprises to regional retailers and manufacturers, Lightwell has worked with companies of all sizes to improve their order management processes and support their order management solutions.

Sterling OMS Consulting Services

Flexible IBM Sterling OMS Consulting Services

Whether you’re preparing to implement the IBM Sterling Order Management system, or are a current OMS customer who seeks development assistance or operations and maintenance assistance, we can help.

Our services are highly customizable to your needs, and as part of our order management consulting services, you will receive a tailored plan that is specific to your business.  You can choose from a menu of order management consulting services including:

  • A thorough assessment of your current business and ordering processes with a detailed analysis of order processing areas, and identification of opportunities for improvement based on industry best practices and benchmarks
  • OMS requirements definition and design
  • OMS solution evaluations including request for proposal (RFP) and assistance in determining the optimal order management solution for your needs
  • End-to-end OMS project management or focused project management for specific tasks
  • OMS implementation services including hardware and software installation, configuration, testing, integration, training, and post-implementation follow-up
  • Comprehensive OMS training and education for support staff as well as end users based on your business needs.
  • OMS solution architecture and infrastructure consulting to assemble a comprehensive solution based on business needs and industry best practices
  • Development services for the IBM Sterling OMS solution
  • Ongoing management and support, with accurate and prompt response to issues
  • OMS Managed Services: Customized remote management services for OMS as well as onsite services
  • Hosting for the IBM Sterling OMS Solution
  • OMS Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud solution
  • Staff augmentation when needed during interim periods such as vacation or holidays
  • Application and custom code maintenance
  • Performance planning, testing, and optimization
  • Technical consulting services to diagnose and resolve complex OMS issues without the need to hire a full-time employee

Your Partner for Sterling OMS Success

Whether you require global inventory visibility, delivery scheduling, drop ship solutions, returns management, Lightwell has the order management consulting experience to evaluate your processes and implement an optimal solution for your business.

As an IBM Platinum Partner and full-service reseller, we can assist you with all aspects of your OMS solution, including procurement of the solution and ongoing support.  Contact us today to discuss your OMS needs and goals.