IBM Sterling Order Management
Capabilities and Benefits

Numerous Order Management and Fulfillment Capabilities

IBM Platinum Business PartnerAmong the numerous features and capabilities of the IBM® Sterling Order Management solution are:

  • Support for multiple channels, including Web, field sales, store, call/contact center, and mobile.
  • A sophisticated order sourcing and order routing system that can allocate and monitor orders across numerous sources and channels based on parameters such as geography and landed costs. You’ll fulfill orders at the optimal location while minimizing costs.
  • Out-of-the-box line-level order fulfillment capabilities that identify the right fulfillment process for each order, and seamlessly fulfill each line item on an order from the right location at the best price.
  • Inventory visibility enables you to provide personalized and real-time access to inventory information across all sources.
  • State of the art scheduling for associated services, deliveries and shipments. It enables dynamic scheduling of product deliveries and associated services at the time of sale based on resource availability, the type of order, and agreed-upon service parameters
  • Global inventory visibility enables you to consolidate inventory information from all systems to gain a single view of all supply and demand.
  • Returns management process flows that ensure returned products are consistently and properly handled, and no items are lost or forgotten along the way. Returns, repairs, and exchanges are quick, seamless and cost-efficient.
  • Rules-based configurations that give flexibility at a local level, while allowing monitoring and oversight at the enterprise level.
  • A graphical business process modeling tool that helps your company quickly and easily change participants in the order process as needed.
  • Intuitive order process metrics that enable you to identify and address issues before they grow out of control, and capitalize on what’s working well.

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IBM Sterling Order Management Solution Benefits

With the IBM Sterling Order Management solution and expert assistance from the team at Lightwell, you’ll achieve a wide variety of benefits and high ROI from the solution, including:

  • Greater efficiency in managing and fulfilling orders across your extended enterprise
  • Higher “perfect order” fulfillment rates
  • Lower excess inventory across the supply chain
  • Fewer stock-outs
  • Increased responsiveness to market and customer changes
  • Increased customer satisfaction and future orders

Your Order Management Solution Partner

With the right implementation partner, your business can realize significant benefits from the IBM Sterling order management solution without significantly disrupting your operations.  Working with Lightwell, you’ll benefit from a highly skilled team of professionals that understand the IBM Sterling products intimately, while also having a wealth of real-world experience to bring your business to a new operating level.

Learn more about our consulting services for the IBM Sterling order management solution, as well as our Lightwell OMS solution for reducing the time and cost of OMS implementation.