IBM Sterling
Global Inventory Visibility

A comprehensive view of all of
your inventory information

IBM Platinum Business PartnerWhat Inventory is Available Now…And Where?

Most inventory control systems are managed locally and are not designed to provide strategic decision support capabilities.

They don’t provide a global view of inventory information across different locations and systems and are limited in their ability to provide access to inventory information outside of the four walls of the location where they’re installed.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Inventory

IBM® Sterling Global Inventory Visibility, part of IBM® Sterling Order Management, provides a single comprehensive view of all your inventory information by aggregating inventory from your internal and external locations.  You’ll be able to see what inventory is available, what is being supplied, what is in transit, and the current demand.  It allocates and confirms inventory availability real-time.

Provide Your Customers an Endless Aisle of Inventory

Your customers can purchase from an “endless aisle” of inventory—wherever it resides across your extended supply chain.  They can confidently place complex orders involving multiple fulfillment, installation and service partners.  And because it can be used across multiple channels—call center, store, Web, and field sales—you’ll be able to provide your customers an accurate promise date for their orders, regardless of their preferred channel.

IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility Capabilities

Global, multi-site inventory visibility

Provides visibility into global, multi-site inventory through a single console.  It shows you what is available within your organization as well as all partner locations; what is being supplied; what is in transit; and the current demand.

Supply and demand matching

Provides role-specific graphical views of inventory type including in-transit inventory.

Event-driven inventory monitoring

Enables you to monitor inventory levels, movement, late receipts, and more, while alerting you of exceptions. It can be time-triggered to ensure items don’t spoil or become obsolete.

Inventory segmentation

Enables you to define and configure multiple inventory categories to meet specific business requirements.

Real-time available-to-promise (ATP)

Enables you to provide accurate available-to-promise dates, and schedule and allocate orders across available, in-transit and on-order inventory.  It looks at lead times, distribution centers, and buyer priority to determine the date.

IBM Sterling Global Inventory Visibility Benefits

The Global Inventory Visibility solution offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved product availability and inventory utilization across the supply chain
  • Increased profitability by eliminating the lost sales resulting from stock-outs
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing accurate fulfillment dates using real-time available-to-promise inventory information

Your Partner for Global Inventory Visibility

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