IBM Sterling Service
and Delivery Scheduling

Effectively schedule deliveries, installation
and add-on services at the time of sale

Overcoming Disjointed Ordering, Delivery and Service Scheduling Processes

For many companies, tracking, executing and managing relationships between product orders, fulfillment and service appointments are a disjointed set of operations.

These complex processes are typically managed after the sale, and require a number of manual processes that don’t always lead to a fantastic customer experience. The inherent errors and delays lead to missed revenue generation opportunities and lower customer satisfaction.

In addition, coordinating product delivery, installation and service requires companies to manage an array of service specialists across locations and geographies without a common system to do so, which can be very inefficient.

The Solution: IBM Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling

IBM Platinum Business PartnerIBM® Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling, part of the IBM® Sterling Order Management solution, enables you to schedule delivery, installation, and other add-on services at the time of the order. During the order process, it guides customers for their service needs, and presents options on the availability and preferred dates for execution.

It provides tools to help you coordinate with a network of service professionals—employees, external resources, or both—and provides a consolidated view of their calendars or schedules.

It ensures your delivery- and service-related commitments match inventory and resource availability in real-time.  And it enables you to select an individual service provider or allocate an entire crew to ensure that all your customers’ expectations are met.

IBM Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling Capabilities

  • Integrated control of inventory, delivery and services execution
  • Order capture coordination –Presents a list of services based on the ordered product, the date and time of delivery and shipment milestones
  • Promotional offers for products and services
  • Service appointment tracking and execution – Enables you to track actual start and end date and time, monitor the process for exceptions, and track service provider performance
  • Service offering modeling – Enables you to define geographies, service organizations (internal and external), resources, skill pools, crew capacity and availability
  • Management of delivery and installation services – Allows you to view resource capacity and schedule based on type of service, schedule multiple resources to a project, and sequence them based on requirements
  • Rules-based promising, provider selection, and crew allocation help to ensure accurate available-to-promise dates
  • Proactive monitoring of orders, enabling corrective measures to be applied if necessary

IBM Sterling Delivery and Service Scheduling Benefits

Key benefits of the delivery and service scheduling solution include:

  • Increased revenue by providing additional service offerings at the time of sale
  • Optimized product and service fulfillment based on order condition and resource availability
  • Improved customer satisfaction through more accurate scheduling and access to delivery information at the time of sale
  • Decreased costs associated with managing and coordinating delivery of services

Your IBM Sterling Order Management Solution Partner

With the right implementation partner, your business can realize significant benefits from the order management solution without significantly disrupting your operations.

Learn more about our comprehensive IBM Sterling OMS consulting services.

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