OMS - Deliv Integration

Integrate IBM Sterling Order Management with Deliv

Leverage IBM Sterling OMS and Deliv for Same Day Delivery

IBM Platinum Business PartnerOur solution provides services that can be used to integrate the IBM Sterling Order Management application with Deliv to facilitate same day delivery of products in the supported markets.

The services can be used to inquire about delivery eligibility of an order/basket, schedule a delivery appointment in Deliv and handle specific order modification scenarios.

This solution consists of the following services, tailored to a company’s unique needs:

  • Delivery Estimate API – A custom OMS API that can be used to fetch a delivery estimate for a Deliv delivery. This API can be invoked either from an ecommerce website (either from the product details page or during the check process) or from IBM’s web based call center application to determine if the lines in the cart/order qualify for Deliv delivery.
  • Confirm Delivery API – This custom OMS API can be used to confirm/reserve a delivery slot in the Deliv system. A call needs to be made for each delivery in the order/cart. A delivery can contain one or more packages (set of lines belonging to a single order and fulfilled from a single location).
  • Cancel/Update Delivery API – Once a delivery has been confirmed/reserved in Deliv, certain changes made to the order in OMS might have an impact on the Deliv delivery.
  • Tracking Delivery Status Changes – Once a delivery has been confirmed/reserved in Deliv, OMS can received updates on the status of the delivery from Deliv.

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