Ecommerce and Multi-Channel
Selling Consulting Services

Helping you achieve the optimal results
from your multi-channel selling solution

Services for Addressing the Complexities of Ecommerce and Omnichannel Commerce

Working within a single channel can be a challenge in itself.  But when your business expands and begins selling via multiple channels, the challenges and questions can grow exponentially.  For example:

  • Are there service level differentiations between channels? What should they be?
  • What is the best way to route various transactions within your company and to your suppliers?
  • How should expectations be communicated to your business partners?
  • What KPIs should be established for each channel? What are the best practices? How should they be tracked and reported?
  • Are there different configuration, pricing and quoting process flows across channels, or should all processes be consistent?

We can help.  The team at Lightwell has assisted companies their multi-channel selling processes and technologies for years.

Ensuring Your Ecommerce Initiatives Are Successful

We can customize a solution that’s right for you, utilizing any number of these services:

  • Comprehensive ecommerce and order management assessments from infrastructure to workflow and business processes, with comparison to industry best practices
  • Ecommerce solutions architecture including software, communications, configurations and key performance metrics
  • Implementation services including hardware and software installation, configuration, testing, integration, training, and post-implementation follow up
  • End-to-end project management or project management focused management on a specific area
  • Configuration services for catalog and offer management
  • Pricing and quote configuration and management
  • Configuration of reports
  • Managed services, where we handle the full range of multi-channel selling management tasks and support
  • Specialized training and education that is specific to your company’s needs
  • Ongoing support for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and performance optimization
  • Staff augmentation when needed during interim periods such as vacation or holidays
  • Performance planning, testing and optimization
  • Technical consulting services to diagnose and resolve complex issues without the need to hire a full time employee

A Wealth of Ecommerce Knowledge and Experience

We bring years of experience and knowledge as part of your implementation project.  Our highly experienced staff of business and technical professionals can manage all aspects of your multi-channel selling software implementation, and can step in and address your system related issues.


We’ll help you execute your Ecommerce and order management initiatives successfully while also keeping them within budget. Contact us today to discuss your omnichannel commerce resource needs.