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IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceGetting the Most from IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is the point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, and reliable delivery of files within and among enterprises. It’s an ideal choice for organizations that depend on the timely movement of files—from batch integration, to the movement of large files such as images or catalogs, to synchronizing data with remote locations.

The Connect:Direct solution has a distinct advantage over the competition with its longstanding history of reliability and consistency in file management and movement processes.  And having a leading tool like the Connect:Direct deserves a leading edge integration partner like Lightwell.

With over a decade of IBM Sterling solution experience, Lightwell is the right choice for assisting you with your Connect:Direct solution deployment.

Consultants With Extensive Expertise for Your Connect:Direct Implementation

You need an integration partner who not only talks about the latest technology, but has the experience and knowledge to actually apply it. That’s Lightwell.  We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your IBM Sterling Connect:Direct implementation or upgrade project.

Our consultants have decades of industry experience from numerous companies—from major banks and global enterprises that require a multitude of integration touch points to regional manufacturers and retailers who need to connect as a trading partner to their supply chain.

They have broad and deep technical expertise to ensure your Connect:Direct implementation is configured correctly and reliably—from servers and networking to remote connectivity, file routing, volume analysis, and security.

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Connect:Direct

We offer a variety of Connect:Direct consulting services, including:

  • Creating a Connect:Direct architecture that optimizes your existing hardware, software and communications infrastructure.  We can also help you choose the right mix of managed file transfer solutions to meet your goals.
  • Software procurement and installation of the solution on multiple platforms
  • Configuration of all Connect:Direct nodes, where we enable optimized interactions with your internal and external communications partners
  • Analysis of your security and file transfer requirements
  • Assistance with encrypting files and authenticating users
  • Project management services that ensures your business and the IT goals and objectives are aligned properly with clearly defined expectations, requirements, risk mitigation, and prioritization
  • Creation and optimization of processes used for file transfer
  • A support infrastructure that goes beyond the basic incident report and gets to the root cause of issues by understanding the business as well as the technical configuration and processes of the specific company
  • Validation that systems and processes are meeting expectations including setup and review of key performance metrics and detailed reporting
  • Analysis to determine productivity bottlenecks and isolate issues before they escalate

Your Connect:Direct and Managed File Transfer Solution Partner for the Long Term

The Lightwell team enters into each implementation as a long-term partner.  Even after a project is completed, you can trust that the Lightwell is there for ongoing support if needed, follow up analysis and to assist you with future file transfer and integration initiatives on your business horizon.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your Connect:Direct implementation.