IBM Sterling

Capabilities and Benefits

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceConnect:Direct – Numerous Capabilities and Benefits

The capabilities and benefits of the IBM Sterling Connect:Direct solution are extensive, including:

  • Ensuring Reliable File Delivery – The most important test of any file transfer system is to observe how it responds when a failure occurs. Connect:Direct delivers internal automation controls with checkpoint restart to ensure continuous operation.
    • With these automated controls, you do not need to assign costly staff members to maintain the system.
    • If a failure occurs, the software will detect and repair it quickly.
    • This also leads to faster and more consistent transfers which improves your brand in the eyes of your customers.
    • In addition, with an audit trail, you’ll be able to prove file transfer integrity.
  • Gaining Unprecedented Scalability – With extensive scalability options, Connect:Direct ensures you are able to manage peak demand at regular pace.
    • By utilizing its event-based architecture, you can transfer large files and batches without the concern of predetermined limits on file or transfer sizes.
    • As your volumes grow, the Connect:Direct secure file transfer solution will accommodate it, guaranteeing you never miss a transfer due to systematic constrictions.
  • Ensuring Security and Compliance – Connect:Direct is one of the most trusted solutions and a leader in secure transfers.  The proprietary Connect:Direct protocol is so secure, it has never been breached.
    • Therefore, you can satisfy your regulatory and industry compliance requirements with regards to file transfer. These include FIPS-140-2, HIPAA, Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). With the Secure+ option, you’ll gain capabilities like user authentication, data encryption (SSL/TLS), Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking, and FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certification.
  • Improving Your Business Processes – Connect:Direct offers automation, scheduling and management capabilities that support 24X7 unattended operations.
    • With Connect:Direct, data transfer will be much more reliable and delivered within a reasonable time frame.
    • The recipient of the information will be able to process it and adhere to their deadlines.
    • Additionally, automated tasks will greatly improve productivity among your employees while reducing costs to perform repetitive tasks.
  • Supporting Multiple Platforms and Protocols – The solution runs on every major platform.  It supports multiple operating systems (z/OS, OpenVMS, i5/OS, UNIX and Linux, Windows, and HP NonStop) and network protocols (TCP/IP, SNA, and UDT).  Its well defined APIs, SDKs and User Exits make it easy to connect the solution with your back end systems.

Comprehensive Consulting Services for Connect:Direct

Our consultants have decades of industry experience from numerous companies—from major banks and global enterprises that require a multitude of integration touch points to regional manufacturers and retailers who need to connect as a trading partner to their supply chain.

They have broad and deep technical expertise to ensure your Connect:Direct implementation is configured correctly and reliably—from servers and networking to remote connectivity, file routing, volume analysis, and security.  Learn more about our Connect:Direct Consulting Services.