IBM Aspera Enterprise
File Sync and Share

Exchange and synchronize data between multiple individuals, locations, devices and systems at rapid speeds

Bring Enterprise-Grade Security and Reliability to Person-to-Person File Sync and Sharing

From the front-line sales or service professional to the CEO, employees need to share a variety of data and files with other individuals inside and outside the enterprise on a regular basis. This may include videos uploaded/downloaded to/from their mobile devices, large data sets stored on their laptops that must be shared with a partner, or data and images captured in the field that must be sent to headquarters for analysis.

Without a convenient solution in place, these individuals have often turned to solutions such as file sharing websites, apps and other services to solve their personal file sync and share problems.

However, many of these options lack security and governance, store sensitive data on third party servers in the cloud, lack integration and workflow into existing processes, and leave the ownership of data in question.  The problem only continues to grow.

Furthermore, the FTP access or web portal provided by many IT departments cause user frustration due to the delays and technology hurdles they must endure.

The IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite

Aspera Enterprise File Sharing Suite helps organizations overcome the size, distance, speed and security challenges when sharing information between individuals, devices, systems and locations.  Through its patented FASP™ technology, the solution:

  • Speeds the delivery of large files and data sets over IP networks and cellular networks, reducing sync times from hours to seconds
  • Ensures person-initiated file transfers are delivered on-time using adaptive rate control technology
  • Provides simplicity and ease of use for end users
  • Reduces the amount of information that needs to be transmitted while keeping data synchronized
  • Automates workflows and provides integration points to add person-initiated files into critical business processes
  • Ensures security, addresses data ownership requirement, and adds encryption to person-initiated file transfers

View the video below to learn more about the IBM Aspera File Sharing Suite

Your Partner for the Aspera File Sharing Suite

Interested in learning more or getting started with the Aspera File Sharing Suite?  Please contact Lightwell today. We’ll be happy to assist you.  As an IBM Premier Business Partner specializing in the IBM Managed File Transfer solutions, we offer extensive expertise and a wide range of managed file transfer services to assist in in implementing, managing, optimizing and integrating the solution