Hosted MFT and
MFT Managed Services

Flexible, Comprehensive Services to
Address Your File Transfer Requirements
Now and in the Future

Why Consider Managed Services for MFT?

There are a number of good reasons why companies should consider a hosted Managed File Transfer solution or MFT managed services. Perhaps some of these are on your mind:

  • The need for Enterprise Managed File Transfer and transformation: Due to business growth, the need to consolidate file transfer systems and methods, meet SLAs, and more, you need to enhance your file transfer capabilities
  • Security has become even more critical: As a result of increased security threats, data privacy regulations, audits, and ever-increasing demand for tighter security inside and outside our enterprise, your current systems can’t meet requirements.
  • Lack of scalability: Your current systems can’t scale to handle the growth and peak needs, and are unable to connect with many of your cloud-based systems.
  • Risk: Due to current system limitations, you’re risking penalties and customer dissatisfaction because you can’t meet SLAs
  • Lack of knowledgeable resources: Your current staff has a backlog and can’t keep up with file transfer demands, and you have a hard time finding qualified people to meet file transfer requirements—while keeping within budget constraints.

How We Can Help

Lightwell has helped many companies address these challenges through our MFT hosting, MFT managed services, and MFT cloud offerings.  Our team plays a critical role at some of the largest firms across the globe, with hundreds of implementations worldwide.

Our team has deep expertise with IBM File Gateway and other IBM MFT solutions, and can provide a flexible hosted and managed solution to address your needs now and in the future.

Lightwell Hosting and Support

Our managed MFT solution includes comprehensive services and support to ensure your success:

  • Hosting: World-class hosting for IBM Managed File Transfer solutions located in a highly-redundant facility.  We can also manage your MFT solution to your preferred cloud or ours. Learn more about our cloud MFT services.
  • System Setup and Onboarding: We ensure the success of your hosted solution from the beginning, with a comprehensive setup and onboarding process including:
    • Design and plan, including documenting your current environment and processes
    • Health check to review the health of your current system and environment if applicable
    • Virtual private cloud provisioning
    • Implementation, including using our proven pre-built assets to streamline setup, configuring the system to meet security and business requirements, and testing
    • Transition to our support team, program management, and collaboration between your team and ours
  • Managed Services: In our fully-managed environment, our experts ensure your solution is always running optimally, including management, patching, upgrades, health checks, maintenance and access management for all included solutions.  We maintain high availability through robust security, architectural design best practices, contingency planning, and deep system analytics experience.
  • Reporting: We provide access to dashboards and reports to ensure visibility into performance.
  • Support: We provide ongoing application support for your MFT solutions in the hosted environment, including 24×7 coverage for severity level one outages.
  • Flexibility:  You have the flexibility to enhance the platform over time with your experts or ours.

Our Managed Solution Expertise

Our team has extensive expertise in managing systems from end-to-end.

B2B integration and MFT consulting Services

We have been hosting and managing IBM solutions for over a decade.  We have a proven, comprehensive system setup and onboarding process that ensures we’re in lockstep and our goals and timelines are aligned.

Interested in discovering whether our hosted MFT and MFT Managed Services and hosting right for you?  Contact Lightwell to discuss your needs with one of our experienced professionals.