IBM Aspera High
Speed File Transfer

Move the Biggest Data at Incredible Speeds

Overcome Data Size, Distance and Speed Challenges in File Transfer

In the age of cloud, big data and mobile-empowered consumers, the speed at which companies are able to send, receive and process critical information is critical.  Companies across all industries must be able to move data quickly and reliably to the right place at the right time—whether internally, to the cloud, to customers or partners, or to a destination in the cloud.  This is becoming increasingly challenging due to:

  • The proliferation of social, mobile and cloud technologies
  • A huge growth in file size, volume and complexity
  • Data and files that must travel long distances on tight deadlines, while faced with many potential transport challenges

For some industries—such as media and entertainment, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, oil and gas, legal, government, and financial services—these issues are even more critical.  Huge data sets and files are the lifeblood of these organizations, and the speed at which this information can reach its destination can have a significant impact on the organization’s success.

The IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer Solution

IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer helps to overcome these challenges and deliver large data files to their destinations at faster speeds than ever before.

For example, a 24GB file sent halfway around the world can take 26 hours via traditional TCP/IP. With IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer, it can now be delivered in a mere 30 seconds.  

Aspera FASP™

Using the Aspera patented FASP™ protocol, Aspera:

  • Easily handles extremely large files or collections of files over wide area networks
  • Ensures maximum transfer speed by full utilization of available bandwidth, 10Gbps and beyond
  • Makes transfer performance predictable  across any distance

The Aspera High Speed File Transfer solution supports a full set of clients, cloud interfaces, API’s, and workflow to fully integrate large files with your new and existing business processes. In addition, it provides security, visibility, control and synchronization to meet your enterprise needs.

Through these capabilities, the solution helps companies:

  • Improve the speed of process synchronization across digital and physical supply chains
  • Fosters collaboration by providing high-performance distribution and synchronization of Big Data sets
  • Boosts productivity by accelerating the flow of information and related processes
  • Enables organizations to quickly, reliably and securely move large files and data sets to and from the cloud

Regardless of whether the data/file source or destination is an application, a device, or a person, Aspera can maximize the speed of delivery.

Aspera can be used to complement other capabilities within the IBM Cloud Integration portfolio, including:

  • API management: Build new managed APIs that manage who can use your high-speed file transfer
  • Messaging: Accelerate the transfer of the managed files sent across your message queues
  • Application Integration: Orchestrate workflows that feed file data in blazing speeds into your cloud and on-premises apps

View the IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer solution overview below.

Aspera High Speed File Transfer Components

The solution consists of the following components.

Aspera Transfer Servers

  • Point to point transfer server for high speed bulk data movement over a WAN

Aspera Connect Server

  • Includes the core Aspera Enterprise server capabilities and adds a web application front-end for client-server upload/download

Aspera Sync

  • High-performance file and folder replication and synchronization over the WAN, supporting one-to-one, one-to-many, and full mesh topologies

Aspera Proxy

  • Protects your organization’s network while enabling secure, high-speed transfer within highly restrictive network environments

Aspera Console

  • Centralized configuration management and visibility of Aspera server deployments, along with dynamic control and prioritization of Aspera transfers

Aspera Mobile

  • Provides mobile apps for Android™ and iOS™, while providing high-performance transfers over mobile networks

Aspera On-Demand

  • Aspera extreme file transfer offerings in choice of cloud infrastructure

Key Benefits of IBM Aspera High Speed File Transfer

Companies that have deployed the Aspera  solution have experienced results like the following:

  • 8x improvement in network bandwidth utilization
  • 66% reduction in image transit times
  • 3x faster mobile uploads
  • 100x improvement in speed over FTP

In addition, through faster and more reliable transfer of large data files, companies have achieved the following business outcomes:

  • Shaving days or weeks off digital production processes
  • Cost savings resulting from direct to cloud file transfers at rated speeds over extreme distance
  • Ensuring business continuity by reducing data site synchronization windows between headquarters and disaster recovery sites
  • Strategic reduction in operational and capital equipment costs
  • Faster, more reliable and more complete reports and analyses, helping to improve product testing, design and development
  • Improved speed and reliability, leading to faster anomaly detection

Your Partner for IBM Aspera

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