IBM Sterling
Control Center

Gain Real-Time Visibility and Control
Of Your File Transfers

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceStaying in Control of Your File Transfers

Maintaining control over any business process is critical to success, and this is especially true with file transfers. As your company continues to grow, so does the complexity of your file transfer operations and monitoring processes.

With so many areas to manage—including applications, business units, customers, locations, servers, time zones, and trading partners—it can be very difficult to stay in control.  Luckily, with IBM Sterling Control Center, you can gain greater control and a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment.

Centralized Control with IBM Sterling Control Center

IBM Sterling Control Center helps you manage file transfer activity across all of your applications and servers, including: Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling Connect:Enterprise, Sterling File Gateway, and Sterling B2B Integrator, as well as most third party UNIX and Windows FTP servers.

The solution provides centralized monitoring and consolidated management features, provides visibility into a wide range of servers and protocols, continuously checks for errors or exceptions, provides service level monitoring on your mobile device, and much more.  The solution provides you answers to questions like:

  • When are servers running out of capacity…or failing?
  • When will critical transfers be late?
  • Which files have passed retry thresholds?
  • How many transfers?
  • How much data?
  • How many failures?

The Sterling Control Center software provides you a proactive approach problem resolution, simplifies configuration management, and delivers effective controls for compliance.  Among other benefits, your company will improve SLA performance, reduce fines and penalties associated with missed deadlines, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Your Partner for IBM Sterling Control Center

We have a team of highly skilled technical professionals who have performed hundreds of successful IBM solution implementations. As an IBM Premier Partner, a full service reseller and experienced consulting partner, Lightwell can assist you with all aspects of the IBM Sterling Control Center software.

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