IBM Sterling Control Center
Capabilities and Benefits

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceGain Complete File Transfer Control and Visibility with Control Center

With IBM Sterling Control Center, you’ll gain complete control and oversight of the transfer of sensitive corporate data across networks. The solution offers numerous capabilities that can help improve your business including:

Comprehensive file transfer control center console

  • IBM Sterling Control Center provides transparency for file transfer processes across all supported file transfer servers.
  • The system displays the properties about all managed servers, licensing and version information and more.
  • It gathers data about active and finished processes and can suspend, resume or delete processes.
  • Within the console, you can control instances of Sterling Connect:Direct, define user roles and security, and align server views with systematic logic.

Audit and compliance functions

  • IBM Sterling Control Center provides industry-leading tracking and logging by consolidating file transfer process information from all servers into a single SQL database.
  • It generates over 35 standard reports for activity, error analysis, operational auditing and supports many third-party tools.
  • The software boasts license key management and node discovery, and the ability to manage Sterling Connect:Direct and Sterling Control Center configurations, including providing change control.
  • And the system enables administrators to control user access to specific data by defining and managing data visibility groups.

File and process monitoring service

  • The IBM Sterling Control Center built-in monitoring service monitors the following:  server, daemon and adapter status; file transfer errors, exceptions and successes—regardless of platform, location, or protocol; and business processes.
  • It displays and notifies about any process failures, and enables you to investigate a problem with a single click.

Rules engine

  • IBM Sterling Control Center enables you to define rules about specific events and actions.
  • The ease of use is similar to configuring email inbox rules such as sending notifications for late transfers or expired licenses.
  • The engine also enables you to match criteria and trigger actions, while enabling you to define schedules, file names, processes and other types of data.

Sterling Control Center Benefits

The Sterling Control Center offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved SLA performance
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Fewer missed deadlines due to faster response to problems
  • Reduced complexity and effort required for configuration

Your Partner for IBM Sterling Control Center

As an IBM Premier Partner, a full service reseller and experienced consulting partner, Lightwell can assist you with all aspects of the IBM Sterling Control Center software.

We have a team of highly skilled technical professionals who have performed hundreds of successful IBM solution implementations. With these we can provide your business a solid configuration that suits your business expectations and aligns with your business goals.

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