IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
Capabilities and Benefits

Secure and Protect Your Network with Secure Proxy

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy offers a range of capabilities that secure and protect your network, including:

Application proxy

  • The application proxy resides within the DMZ and shields against potential threats.
  • The proxy supports all IBM file transfer products (Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling B2B Integrator, and others) in addition to multiple DMZ environments and protocols (FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH/SFTP and PeSIT).

Authentication services

  • The authentication services function allows for a customizable login portal with a self-service password management feature for your trading partners.
  • Also, the service utilizes multifactor authentication (user ID, certificate and IP address) to ensure strict controls and validation of partners within the DMZ.
  • This service authenticates the partner prior to information being passed in and out of the DMZ.
  • Additionally, the authentication services support individual sign-on while integrated with you current security infrastructure.


  • Provides a centralized configuration environment that distributes specified rules to several engines running within the DMZ.
  • This allows for greater scalability of the system and the associated file transfer environment.

Firewall navigation best practices

  • As one of the most important capabilities, firewall navigation best practices eliminates vulnerabilities in the firewall by ensuring files, user credentials and information are not stored in the DMZ.
  • Additionally, this feature enforces security policies on an internal and external level.

Perimeter security

  • This function blocks direct communications between internal and external sessions by creating breaks in the DMZ utilizing SSL or TLS. It enforces session limits while providing a data encryption guard against malicious DoS attacks.
  • Furthermore, this feature inspects sensitive control information and allows you to configure error handling for any infringements that may occur.

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