IBM Sterling
Secure Proxy

Protect your file transfers, network and
data from public internet threats.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceProtecting Your Internal Networks

Information Technology departments are challenged with managing tighter security as employees across the company use the public Internet for file transfers.  File transfers across an unsecured medium like the public Internet are a major risk, not only to the files being transferred but also their systems and networks.

Malicious attacks happen multiple times every day, and legacy systems and internal networks are typically not well protected from them.  This leaves companies vulnerable to threats like “man-in-the-middle” and “denial-of-service” attacks. This undermines not only productivity, but also customer trust and loyalty.

Why Use a Proxy Server?

To shield applications and protocols in the trusted internal network from threats on the public Internet, security professionals are turning to proxy servers.  Proxy servers provide encryption and authentication, can terminate a file transfer session, and fully authenticate a trading partner before establishing a session on the internal network.  This added security protects file transfers and internal networks from malicious attacks.

IBM Sterling Secure Proxy provides companies a proven software solution for addressing these risks.  The software shields your network from external attacks that threaten your business and affect business processes between internal and external entities.

The IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Solution

IBM® Sterling Secure Proxy is an application that removes the file transfer security exposure of the public Internet while satisfying compliance and security requirements. Sterling Secure Proxy is an application proxy that protects your internal network from any outside attacks by creating a buffer between your trading partners and internal servers.

The solution provides demilitarized zone-based (DMZ) authentication, SSL terminations and session breaks before allowing communications with your internal network.  With the use of authentication and high-level encryption technology, your trusted zone will be protected from unauthorized access.

The Sterling Secure Proxy solution:

  • Guards against unauthorized access and reduces data vulnerability
  • Provides multilayer security and defense in-depth
  • Supports single sign-on and integrates with your existing security infrastructure
  • Enables you to leverage Internet for securely exchanging files with your trading partners, reducing your overall file transfer costs
  • Is highly scalable to support rapid growth
  • Provides your partners self-service capabilities that reduce their onboarding time and support costs

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Your Partner for IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Software and Services

You’ll benefit most from IBM Sterling Secure Proxy when it is installed by knowledgeable experts who can take full advantage of all of the features of this beneficial product.  As an IBM Premier Partner, Lightwell has the knowledge and experience needed to help your business fully utilize this tool and ensure your file transfer processes are secure.

Regardless of the size of your operation, we can help you procure, deploy, manage and support the solution that is right for you.  We can tailor an array of services according to your specific implementation needs.

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