IBM Sterling
File Gateway (SFG)

Improve file transfer control and reliability,
while minimizing delays and complexity.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceOvercoming File Transfer Challenges with Sterling File Gateway (SFG)

File movement between organizations continues to increase as the marketplace becomes more globalized.

Companies are faced with supporting higher volumes of file transfers, various sizes and formats, numerous communications and security protocols, and tighter time frames for onboarding trading partners.  Additional file transfer challenges and concerns include:

The safe delivery of vital files across a network

You must take all necessary precautions to ensure secure arrival. Scripts used by FTP are often unreliable and cause delays.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

You must maintain an audit trail to track every movement of all files, and outdated FTP solutions do not provide this capability.

Visibility and transparency

Ensuring information is always available to pertinent employees, departments and trading partners.  Not doing so wastes time for employees that need to find the data.

Control and management of file transfers

Your company may have a variety of file transfer methods that are not centralized and lack management capabilities.

Overcoming departmental silos

Enterprise-grade file transfers shouldn’t be managed separately in individual departments. An enterprise-wide file movement strategy must be enacted for timely, secure delivery of data to your trading partners.

Trading partner onboarding

Many organizations find it takes weeks to onboard a new trading partner, costing a great deal of time and money.

Failure to address these concerns can result in disruption to critical business processes and impact revenue.

IBM Sterling File Gateway (SFG) addresses these issues by improving file transfer control and reliability, while minimizing delays and complexity.

The IBM Sterling File Gateway Solution

IBM Sterling File Gateway software enables organizations to take complete control over file transfers with their trading partners.  The solution provides a centralized file gateway with all of the capabilities needed to monitor, administer, route, and transform high volumes of inbound and outbound files.  It consolidates disparate centers of file transfers, and intelligent routing and content-driven transformation help to optimize file delivery processes.

Partners can transfer files securely over the internet, in any format, using industry-standard protocols. They can start doing so almost immediately, because everything needed for integration with internal systems and for trading partner onboarding—including reusable templates, standardized processes, and group-based controls–are built into the B2B gateway.

With Sterling File Gateway, companies benefit from a lower cost of ownership of edge based file transfers, accelerated time to revenue associated with onboarding trading partners, and improved trading partner satisfaction and service.

If you need to gain control of file transfers, eliminate security risks, speed up integration and trading partner onboarding, and consolidate all of your departmental FTP servers, the IBM Sterling File Gateway is an ideal solution for you.

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Your Partner for IBM SFG

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Regardless of the size of your operation, we can help you procure, deploy, manage and support the solution that is right for you.  We’ll work with you choose the right product mix, ensure a smooth and timely deployment and keep your costs in check.

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