Cloud Managed File Transfer

Lightwell MFT Cloud Service

Why Consider Managed File Transfer in the Cloud?

There are many challenges driving companies to consider moving Managed File Transfer (MFT) to the cloud. For example:

  • Outdated infrastructure: Their current infrastructure is outdated and can’t adapt to demands
  • Security and Risk Concerns: Security threats are greater than ever, and they don’t have the right capabilities in place to address requirements
  • Rising costs of maintaining legacy file transfer applications
  • Lack of expertise: Insufficient internal IT resources to keep up with current technologies and demand
  • Inability to scale: File transfer technologies used today can’t scale to meet growth in file volume, SLA requirements, and business needs

What if you could have an experienced team you trust free you from these headaches?  What if you could improve your agility and scalability to address the high growth in file transfer demands, while enjoying a predictable cost model?

Lightwell MFT in the Cloud Service

We can help.  Lightwell provides a flexible cloud MFT solution that is built on the IBM proven, market-leading Managed File Transfer portfolio.  Built to address the challenges and demands of today’s enterprises, our solution:

  • Automates file transfers and processes them in the cloud
  • Supports all major protocols and file formats, with practically no limit on file sizes
  • Supports ad-hoc person-to-person file transfer
  • Enables greater visibility and governance over file transfer activity
  • Supports dynamic routing of files
  • Provides proactive support on errors and file monitoring
  • Accelerates trading partner onboarding
  • Accommodates your cloud needs and preference: Whether you prefer your own private cloud, the IBM cloud, our cloud, or cloud services like AWS and Rackspace, we will accommodate your needs.

Advantages of MFT in the Cloud

With our MFT in the Cloud services, you’ll address file transfer concerns while enjoying world-class enterprise file transfer capabilities, including:

  • Experience and expertise: a team of skilled professionals to optimize your B2B transfer operations
  • Integrated, broad solution portfolio: a suite of industry-leading file transfer solution option to address your needs as your business changes and grows
  • World-class security: Gain numerous security capabilities such as multiple security layers, multi-factor authentication, simplified security management, and protection for your internal networks while supporting internet-based data exchange with partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Greater visibility at your fingertips: Actionable visibility for business, operations and compliance, with key indicators to provide insight into file transfer volume, potential issues, file transfer performance, and health of the environment

Lightwell Hosting and Support

Cloud MFT Solution Components

Industry-leading solutions

Lightwell MFT solution hosting

Whether you choose to host in your own private cloud, IBM cloud, our cloud, or cloud platform like Amazon, Rackspace, Azure, Google, or others, we can accommodate your needs. With our cloud solution offering, you’ll benefit from:

  • A fully redundant architecture, removing any single point of failure
  • Exceptional uptime, reliability, and performance
  • Continuous, active monitoring and alerting with industry-leading, proprietary monitoring tools
  • Multiple layers of monitoring and notification
  • Support including best practices, cost optimization, real-time monitoring and alerting, and 24x7x365 helpdesk availability

Solution and Hosting Expertise

Our team has extensive expertise in managed systems, from architectural design to robust security to contingency planning.

We have been hosting and managing IBM solutions for over 10 years, and have been working with the solutions themselves extensively over the last two decades.

We have a proven, comprehensive system setup and onboarding process that ensures we’re in lockstep and our goals and timelines are aligned.  Learn more about our MFT Managed Services capabilities.

Lightwell B2B and MFT Services

Interested in discovering whether our MFT in the Cloud solution is right for you? Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our experienced professionals.