IBM Sterling
File Transfer Service

Simplify your B2B file transfer processes,
reduce IT operational and infrastructure costs,
and gain a highly scalable platform to grow your business.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceIBM Sterling File Transfer Service

IBM® Sterling File Transfer Service is a cloud service for file-based business interactions with trading partners.

An alternative to on premise software, Sterling File Transfer Service allows you to manage a single, secure, reliable connection to the cloud to reach your partners without the capital expense associated with on premise software or the operational impact on your IT staff.

Learn more about the IBM Sterling File Transfer Service by viewing the two minute explainer video below.

 IBM Sterling File Transfer Service Benefits

With IBM Sterling File Transfer Service, you can consolidate redundant file transfer servers, software, and partner connections, and leverage IBM’s expertise and experience to optimize the delivery of your B2B file transfers.

You’ll streamline your file transfer processes with enhanced automation, protocol conversion, and file transfer capabilities.s. In addition, real time tracking, reports, and audit data help you meet corporate, industry, and regulatory requirements and remedy transfer issues.

  • Reduce IT operational and infrastructure costs
  • Reduce B2B file transfer complexity
  • Improve onboarding, support and management of trading partners
  • Grow your business by leveraging scalable B2B file transfer infrastructure and support services

We also offer additional Software as a Service and hosting options for the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer portfolio through our B2B Managed Services offerings.   Contact us today to discuss your needs.

View our webcast on B2B integration and managed file transfers in the cloud, delivered with Aberdeen Group and IBM, where we discuss the business case, best practices and key considerations for cloud-based B2B integration and file transfer.