File Transfer Service

Reduce the cost and complexity of your
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Challenges with Managing B2B File Transfers

For IT organizations, it’s become exceedingly challenging to manage the growing number of connections, partners, and constantly changing communications standards and protocols. Costs are very high to manage and troubleshoot file transfer activity, the process to onboard new partners is slow, IT resources are stretched beyond capacity, customer satisfaction is negatively impacted, and revenue opportunities are delayed.

This leaves many organizations relying on disparate technologies, on-premise software, and numerous unsecured connections for exchanging business critical data with partners.

Moving B2B File Transfers to the Cloud

To address this, many companies are moving their B2B file transfers to the cloud.  By moving B2B file transfers to the cloud, they simply manage a single connection to the cloud to reach their partners without the capital expense of on-premise software, hardware and infrastructure – or the the costs and challenges associated with managing it.

Lightwell and IBM work together to provide multiple B2B File Transfer Service options, where our highly-skilled professionals provide scalable B2B file transfer infrastructure services in the cloud.

You can offload the day-to-day management of your file transfer activities and trading partner setup and support activities to us, while benefiting from superior automation, protocol conversion, visibility, and tracking capabilities.  Learn more about:

You’ll do more with less, minimizing the strain on your IT personnel, simplify capacity planning, reduce capital expenses, minimize delays, and regain focus on what matters most to your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our shared and private cloud file transfer service options.

Also, view our webcast below delivered with Aberdeen Group, IBM and Lightwell as we discuss the business case, best practices and key considerations for cloud-based B2B integration and file transfer.