MuleSoft Anypoint
Platform Overview

Enterprise Hybrid Integration Platform

Unified, Hybrid Integration Platform for Speed, Agility, and Innovation

MuleSoft PartnerThrough our partnership with MuleSoft, we provide companies the world’s leading integration and API management platform—the Mulesoft Anypoint PlatformTM.

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform enables companies to unlock the full potential of their applications and data through API-led connectivity, both on-premises and in the cloud. It helps companies build flexible and scalable application networks that address today’s most challenging connectivity requirements.

Through this unified platform, companies can connect applications, data, and devices to make them pluggable and reusable. They can easily and securely connect to any data source—from mainframes and databases to ERPs and SaaS apps, mobile apps, and IoT devices—without the cost and limitations of rigid point-to-point connections.

This hybrid integration platform enables end-to-end connectivity across API, service orchestration, and application integration needs.  It includes iPaaS, ESB, and a unified solution for API management, design, and publishing.

Deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or both, the solution provides:

  • Unified Connectivity, enabling companies to connect data, devices, and apps anywhere
  • User-friendly tools and open standards, where users can leverage drag and drop tools, pre-built templates and components, and other reusable building blocks
  • A future-proof platform that scales and adapts to meet current and future needs and initiatives, including Big Data, analytics, IoT, and mobile

Leveraging extensive experience in integration, supply chain, omnichannel and more, our team helps companies implement and optimize MuleSoft for a number of initiatives including:

Designed for Productivity and Built for Composability

With the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, companies can launch new initiatives, connect systems, and unlock data anywhere from 2x to 5x faster, while reducing integration costs. Developers can quickly connect, orchestrate and enable any internal or external endpoint, without lengthy training in vendor-specific technology. In addition, they can design, build, edit, test, and debug APIs and integrations graphically.

A Solution for Digital Transformation

The MuleSoft platform enables companies to achieve digital transformation with API-led connectivity. They can create new opportunities by easily connecting and unlocking data, and making it available to the right people for discovery, consumption, and reuse. As a result, they’re able to achieve a new level of engagement with their customers, develop new products and services faster, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.

A Trusted, Proven Platform

The MuleSoft integration solution is trusted by 35% of the Fortune 500, is being leveraged by over 1000 companies, and was named a Leader across all three of Gartner’s connectivity-focused Magic Quadrant reports.

Companies have achieved numerous benefits through Mulesoft, including:

  • Increased innovation and agility
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduced integration time and costs
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Significant competitive advantages

Consulting Services for MuleSoft

As a company with nearly 20 years of integration experience, deep industry expertise, and extensive experience implementing a variety of technology solutions for many of Fortune 1000, we can help you achieve your integration and digital transformation goals.

Our team can assess your needs, plan and design your solution, provide implementation services, and assist you with the solution when you need help post-implementation. We can also help to uncover and execute on opportunities for improvement.

Learn more about our wide range of MuleSoft Consulting Services.

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