MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
Capabilities and Benefits

In addition to the features described in our MuleSoft Anypoint Platform overview, key components of the MuleSoft platform include:

  • Anypoint Design Center – Development tools that make it easy to design APIs, implement integration flows, and build connectors
  • Anypoint Management Center – A unified Web interface for managing all aspects of the platform, including API users, traffic, SLAs, underlying integration flows, and more
  • Anypoint Exchange – A collaboration hub for searching for prebuilt, private and public reusable assets
  • Mule Runtime Engine – Combines real-time application integration and orchestration with robust data integration capabilities
  • Anypoint Connectors – Provides out-of-the-box assets and tools you need to connect faster and tools to develop your own
  • Runtime Services – A comprehensive suite of platform services that provide enterprise-grade security, reliability, scalability, and high-availability

Key capabilities of the platform include:

  • APIs
    • Build new APIs quickly, design new interfaces for your existing APIs, and simplify API management
    • Rapidly expose valuable data to mobile devices, web apps, and connected devices in a secure and controlled way
    • Enable and empower the entire organization with Experience APIs, Process APIs, and System APIs
  • B2B
    • Modernize B2B by extending Mulesoft’s API-led connectivity approach to B2B and EDI
    • Build reusable services across multiple trading partners and B2B processes
  • Data Integration
    • Combines batch and real-time processing for unified application and data integration
    • Offers a template-driven approach to development
  • DevOps
    • Streamlines adoption of popular DevOps frameworks for continuous integration and efficient deployment
  • ESB
    • Combines the power of data and application integration across legacy systems and SaaS applications, with a seamless path to benefitting from other capabilities in the Anypoint platform and API-led connectivity
    • Quickly build integrations ranging from simple to advanced with pre-built connectors and templates,
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Connect and orchestrate data from your enterprise and the cloud to devices at the edge of your network—including point of sale systems, medical devices, sensors, and more—using open standards, developer-friendly tools, and out-of-the-box transport protocols.
  • Microservices
    • Enables your organization to develop new solutions in a manageable, resusable, and governed way
  • Mobile
    • Enables fast, easy, and governed mobile access to any data from backend systems, legacy databases, and SaaS Applications


Anypoint Platform Benefits

  • Unlock legacy systems, rapidly connect legacy assets to SaaS technologies, and reduce integration costs—without disrupting existing business processes
  • Increase developer productivity and shrink development times through open technologies that promote reusability, modularity and collaboration
  • Reduce time to resolution by managing all resources from a single pane of glass
  • Increase innovation and value creation across the enterprise through tools that enable faster development, testing, and implementation of APIs
  • Increase agility with a flexible architecture that evolves as your business does
  • Create happier customers and competitive advantages by delivering services and experiences

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