IBM WebSphere MQ
File Transfer Edition

Manage file transfers across a range of platforms and networks

Enable  managed file transfer capabilities within IBM WebSphere MQ

IBM MQ File Transfer Edition enables organizations to manage file transfers across a wide range of platforms and networks within their WebSphere MQ environments. It improves control, visibility and reliability of file transfers, while reducing costs, eliminating redundancies, and maximizing existing IT investments.

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceThe solution provides a flexible file transfer gateway that integrates with an organization’s WebSphere MQ environment.  It supports fast, cost-effective file transfers of any size between various platforms and systems, and enables them to monitor files from the source to the target application.

IBM MQ File Transfer Edition also provides security-rich file handling capabilities, including encryption, permission and role-based security rules, and end-to-end audit trails.

In addition, it enables organizations to integrate file transfer capabilities directly within the WebSphere MQ server without installing a separate product. Furthermore, integrated administration tools help to manage and customize the solution.

Because our team has extensive experience with the IBM WebSphere and managed file transfer solutions, we can help you determine if the solution is right for you, ensure a smooth implementation, help you manage your environment, and help you get the most from the solution.

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