IBM App Connect Enterprise
& IBM Integration Bus (IIB)

Integrate Systems and Applications to
Achieve Business Value

Create a more dynamic environment that supports agility and innovation with a market-leading integration platform

Data that flows within your company and to/from customers and partners can be extremely valuable. Yet many organizations struggle to access and transform this data into actionable information.

Also, they face challenges keeping up with rapidly changing demands around this data. Whether it’s a new business partner that needs to access data in your ERP system, Finance needing access to an HR application, integration between your CRM and eCommerce platform for customer data, or a variety of other needs—IT departments often struggle with the complexity of setting up and managing all of the connections.

Often, lack of integration and inflexible application connectivity are at the root of the problem. Enterprises may have dozens of applications that communicate in haphazard ways (if they are connected at all). The applications and their connections are rigid, requiring hand-coded changes that are costly, error-prone, and time-consuming.

How App Connect Enterprise / IBM Integration Bus (IIB) Can Help

IBM Integration Bus is an award-winning enterprise integration solution that can help you overcome these challenges. App Connect Enterprise is the renamed version 11.0 of IIB.  It’s the successor for companies using previous versions of IIB.  It provides the application connectivity that helps you simplify and manage connections between your IT assets—including legacy applications, packaged applications, and Web services—and quickly retrieve business-critical data from them. It enables you to:

  • Remove debilitating and inflexible point-to-point connectivity
  • Connect new, old, and packaged applications (including SAP, Microsoft, Siebel, and Peoplesoft) across departments and domains
  • Make data more accessible and actionable, while allowing the applications themselves to remain unchanged
  • Route and transform data in any format
  • Enrich message content by inserting information from other sources
  • Connect virtually any application or service anywhere, over multiple protocols—including SOAP, HTTP, JMS, and more—helping you smooth the pathway towards SOA
  • Expose and extend your existing applications to mobile devices
  • Easily capture and monitor data for analysis as it flows through your business
  • Modernize your IT infrastructure to support digital transformation

Much More Than Routing and Transformation

Using App Connect Enterprise / IIB on-premises or on-cloud, your company can:

  • Create, manage, and socialize APIs
  • Integrate with mobile devices
  • Enforce security policies
  • Provide integration for business processes
  • Benefit from cloud integration
  • Tap into the collective intelligence of your entire value chain
  • Act upon business rules
  • Apply analytics to in-flight data
  • Integrate with solutions across the IBM WebSphere portfolio

Key App Connect Enterprise / IIB Benefits

  • Minimize custom coding of interfaces and reduce design, build and test costs by 40% to 60%
  • Enable better customer experiences by unlocking valuable data
  • Increase productivity by empowering individuals across the organization with access to the data they need
  • Increase agility and ensure rapid response to changing demands
  • Help your organization make better business decisions through better insights
  • Reduce integration complexity and costs
  • Easily support business needs and scale with business growth

IIB Standard and Advanced

IIB Standard is ideal for medium / mid-market enterprises with a broad set of connectivity requirements who do not need to scale.

IIB Advanced is ideal for medium and large companies that want high performance with broadest range of apps and data, manage large volumes of business-critical traffic, and want the most flexible capabilities in managing their dataIt is a fully functional and scalable edition of IIB, no reinstall required to move to other editions

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