IBM Application
Integration Suite

A Comprehensive Hybrid Integration Solution

The IBM Application Integration Suite provides a single solution to address the most complex integration needs, including on-prem and cloud, as well as across ESB and API Economy.

It is an on-premise and cloud offering that combines the capabilities of IBM Integration Bus Advanced, IBM API Connect, and IBM App Connect.

IBM Application Integration Suite provides the tooling you need to:

  • Connect cloud and on-premise applications
  • Build microservices
  • Expose and manage APIs
  • Simply and quickly build APIs

As a result, the suite helps you:

  • Create a hybrid environment
  • Compliment agile development
  • Support your business in its digital transformation journey
  • React faster
  • Improve communications within your partner ecosystem
  • Take advantage of new business opportunities

Integrated Capabilities

  • Connect:  Rapid access to hundreds of applications and data sources, both in the cloud and on-premise, with secure communication
  • Transform:  Extensive set of pre-built objects that transform, join, aggregate, restructure, cleanse, and enrich data
  • Deliver: Seamlessly scale workloads in order to route and deliver data in real-time with quality of service guarantees
  • Compose: Quickly assemble APIs into a coherent flow to provide high business value
  • Expose:  Provide secure and managed access to enterprise assets across internal and external developer communities

View the video to learn more about the IBM Application Integration Suite and how it brings new business opportunities.

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