Integration, APIs and

Connect and Integrate Applications, Data and
Processes for On-Premises and Cloud Environments

Simple, Secure, and Reliable Solutions to Rapidly Connect and Integrate Any Application or Data

Integration is everywhere. It’s essential. To keep pace today’s demands, organizations of all kinds must be able to quickly handle any type of integration, across any data source, application, and channel.

Leveraging our team’s extensive integration expertise and our partnerships with leaders like IBMMuleSoft, and Apigee, we deliver integration solutions to connect data, applications, and information—regardless of platform, device, data format, or deployment model.

Through our comprehensive integration services and solutions, we help organizations:

  • Unlock business data and assets as APIs for Digital Transformation
  • Increase business agility with a modern messaging and integration infrastructure
  • Transfer and synchronize large volumes of data and digital assets to the cloud, on-premises and between companies, at high speed
  • Integrate SaaS and other new applications to fuel business transformation
  • Quickly connect with their customers through new channels
  • Get greater value and insights out of the data they already own and their data analytics applications

In addition to our integration consulting services, the capabilities that help us accomplish this include:

  • API Management – create, run, manage, and secure APIs across multiple clouds and on-premises systems, leveraging leading solutions like MuleSoft, IBM API Connect and Apigee
  • Messaging – robust, scalable, secure, and highly available asynchronous messaging, providing guaranteed once-and-once-only delivery of messages
  • Application Integration – sharing data in meaningful ways between one or more applications, regardless of application type, protocol, or message format, leveraging solutions like IBM App Connect Enterprise
  • Secure Gateways – provide the access management and controls required to protect the applications and data flowing in the network
  • High-Speed File Transfer – rapidly transfer even the largest files along various paths without causing slowdowns and bottlenecks

We partner with industry leaders to deliver world-class integration. API management, and connectivity solutions including:


IBM Cloud Integration

We assist organizations in planning, implementing, managing, and  optimizing the IBM Cloud Integration solutions including:

  • IBM App Connect Enterprise (formerly IBM Integration Bus (IIB)): The IBM strategic integration engine for any-to-any content-based routing, data transformation, protocol conversion, and event publishing
  • IBM API Connect (formerly IBM API Management): A modern, industry-leading API management solution for creating, running, managing, and securing APIs for external and internal consumers to accelerate an organization’s API program and capture new revenue through compelling new customer experience
  • IBM DataPower Gateway: A single multi-channel gateway that helps provide security, control, integration, and optimized access to a full range of mobile, web, API, SOA, B2B, and cloud workloads
  • IBM MQMessaging backbone that simplifies and accelerates reliable and secure integration of diverse application and business data across multiple platforms
  • Comprehensive Consulting Services for IBM Cloud Integration

We also deliver related IBM solutions for B2B integration and B2B File Transfer, including:

  • IBM B2B Integrator:  Enables you to connect with business partners, automate processes, and improve information flows with your external business community
  • Managed File Transfer and IBM MQ File Transfer Edition (FTE)Enable seamless and secure file transfers while improving visibility and enforcing governance
  • Aspera High-Speed File Transfer: Aspera can be used to complement other capabilities within the IBM Cloud Integration portfolio including:
    • API management: Build new managed APIs that manage who can use your high-speed file transfer
    • Messaging: Accelerate the transfer of the managed files sent across your message queues
    • Application Integration: Orchestrate workflows that feed file data in blazing speeds into your cloud and on-premises apps


Apigee is a full lifecycle API management platform that enables API providers to design, secure, deploy, monitor, and scale APIs.

End-to-End Integration Benefits

By combining our technical and business expertise with the IBM, MuleSoft and Apigee connectivity and integration solutions, we’ll help you achieve a wide range of benefits including:

  • Reduce the time and complexity of integrating your enterprise, the cloud, and your broader ecosystem
  • Rapidly deliver innovative services by bridging channels and delivery models with back-end applications
  • Share services and extend business processes across and outside the extended enterprise
  • Help ensure data integrity by securing the delivery of files, messages, and services between businesses and applications
  • Harness the Internet of Things through products designed to deliver scalable, reliable and real-time, event-driven interactions

Learn more about our solutions via the links above, or contact Lightwell today to discuss your Integration needs.