Integration Strategy
And Assessements

Advance Your Integration Capabilities
to Achieve Optimal Results

Our Proven Approach to an Optimized Integration Architecture

To assess your current integration capabilities (or lack thereof) and their maturity level, we identify and analyze your:

  • Integration Business Drivers, including your integration goals, objectives and principles.
  • Business Architecture, including the channels you use, APIs you leverage, business services, supporting processes, and supporting applications
  • Transaction Management, including your transaction processes, transaction lifecycle management, repositories, business rules, standards, and compliance
  • Integration Architecture, including your Zone Architecture, integration capabilities and patterns
  • Applications and Data, including Master Data Management, Information Governance, Access, and formats.
  • Management concerns, including governance, staffing, growth, and capacity planning
  • Cross-Cutting Concerns, such as resiliency, event architecture, exception handling, scalability, infrastructure, monitoring, and security

We’ll leverage our proven Integration Architecture Framework to assess areas of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities among your integration capabilities.

Then, based on industry best practices, your goals, your integration maturity level, and your organizational readiness—we’ll provide a very manageable, executable set of recommendations to improve your organization’s Integration maturity. This may include specific recommendations around:

  • Your organization’s integration goals and strategy
  • Realigning your organization
  • Increasing governance
  • Improving supporting processes
  • Improving Integration Architecture and tools

As part of these recommendations, we’ll dive into which functional areas are impacted by the improvement, and whether the improvement is associated with people, process, and/or technology.

Through this comprehensive Integration Assessment approach, we’ll design an optimal Integration Architecture that factors in all of the above areas, and provide guidance around prioritizing your efforts.

Furthermore, we’ll capture and share many other observations about your organization along the way, helping you to avoid blind spots and capitalize on opportunities.

Let’s Get Started

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