Lightwell Visibility Portal

Gain Unprecedented Visibility, Control and Insights
Across Your Critical Information and Systems

Simplify how you monitor, manage, and analyze information across multiple systems

A massive amount of critical information flows through your B2B integration, managed file transfer, and middleware systems every day. Ensuring it flows seamlessly and error-free is essential to the health of your business and its relationships.

Furthermore, your ability to understand, analyze, and act on this information quickly can help to protect your company, improve operations, and generate competitive advantages.

Unfortunately, most companies lack the level of visibility and control needed to accomplish this. Identifying and resolving issues across a wide variety of files, systems, and partners is challenging and time-intensive.

Compiling reports and analyzing information in a meaningful way are complex and painfully slow processes as well. As a result, opportunities are missed, and issues become problems before managers have a chance to spot them in a report.

End-to-End Visibility, Control, and Actionable Insight

We developed the Lightwell Visibility Portal to help companies overcome these challenges, improve their operations, and get the most value from the information flowing between their systems and partners.

The Lightwell Visibility Portal provides companies an unprecedented level of visibility, control, and insight across their critical information and systems. It helps them:

  • Simplify the management and monitoring of multiple solutions
  • Provide enhanced visibility and control for business users, technical managers, and partners
  • Fine-tune their operations and supply chain
  • Gain actionable insight from the information flowing between their systems and partners.

The solution enhances the value of multiple solutions including IBM B2B Integration (B2B Integrator, ITX, ITXA), Managed File Transfer (IBM File Gateway), and IBM App Connect Enterprise.

It provides:

  • A single pane of glass for monitoring and managing multiple IBM solutions
  • Real-time, actionable business and technical insights, with fast access to underlying data
  • Highly-configurable dashboards, tailored for the individual users’ needs
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end visibility across transactions, files, and partners
  • 360-degree lifecycle tracking and control
  • Self-service portals that empower business users to answer questions and resolve issues without IT
  • Powerful tools and alerts for fast, proactive issue resolution

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