Lightwell Visibility Portal
For Business Users

Gain Unprecedented Visibility and Insights
Across Your Transactions, Operations, and Supply Chain

Unprecedented Visibility for the Business

The Lightwell Visibility Portal provides numerous capabilities and benefits for business users inside and outside your organization including:

  • Self-Service, Role-Based Access: Empower designated business users (customer service, accounting, sales, and marketing), external partners, and customers with a self-service portal to view the status of transactions and resolve issues—without requiring intervention from the IT team.
  • The Right Information at the Right Time: Provide highly-configurable, individualized dashboards and reports to managers and executives across the organization—presenting the right information, how and when they want to see it, with current and accurate data.
  • Actionable Reports and Insights: Enable managers and executives to monitor trends around the health of the business—and view the data behind it. They can gain valuable insight into business trends including customer insights, financial performance, errors and exceptions, marketing and sales trends, supply chain and partner performance, and much more.
  • A Single Tool Supporting Multiple Users and Roles: Business teams can initiate the error resolution process, and quickly hand it off to the technical team for more in-depth investigation using the same tool. This unified solution minimizes time and effort while improving satisfaction.

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