B2B Framework
Document Visibility Interface (DVI)

Empower business users and partners with
self-service access, while reducing the burden on IT

Resolve Issues Faster and Improve Satisfaction

In B2B operations, the time and effort required to track, manage and reprocess documents, research the status of transactions, and respond to customer and business partner requests can be a significant drain on your busy IT resources.

This process impacts other areas of the business as well. Customer service, sales or marketing personnel may receive a customer or partner request for the status of a document or message, but face frustrations and delays in responding to them as they wait for IT to research and provide the information they need.

This negatively impacts customer and partner satisfaction, as hours may pass before they receive an update on their urgent request. Wouldn’t it be better for all to provide your business users and/or trusted partners access to this information on-demand—yet maintain proper security and controls?

The Lightwell B2B Framework provides a solution for this: its Document Visibility Interface.

Through this capability, B2B Framework provides selected business users and trusted business partners self-service access to the status of documents. Users in customer service, sales, marketing or accounting can securely review transactions—and even resolve issues on their own—without IT involvement. It increases efficiency, responsiveness and satisfaction, while reducing the burden on your IT staff.

Enable Self-Service Access for Business Users and Partners

There are multiple uses and applications of DVI inside and outside the enterprise. For example:

  • Customer service: With self-service access, customer service representatives can handle customer inquiries about the status of documents immediately, reducing cost and improving response time.
  • Finance: Immediate access and visibility improves the ability to address accounts payable issues and shorten time to collect accounts receivable
  • Business Partners: With self-service access, they can view their own transactions and resolve issues without involving IT staff.

Users may log in to their self-service portal as needed and perform the following (as specified by administrators):

  • Search for documents by source, destination, status, document type, and timeframe
  • View the history of a document
  • View the content of documents
  • Reprocess documents and messages, re-envelope documents, and resend messages

Key Benefits of DVI

  • Reduces the time and effort required to track, manage and reprocess documents
  • Increases operational efficiency and reduces dependence on IT resources
  • Improves responsiveness to customer requests, increasing customer service levels and satisfaction
  • Improves business partner management, collaboration efforts, and satisfaction
  • Provides real-time visibility across the supply chain for improved control and decision making
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership of the B2B Integrator solution
  • Increases the ROI of B2B Integrator and other IBM solutions.

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