Lightwell B2B Framework for
IBM B2B Integration

Reduce implementation time and costs
by up to 70%, gain greater control, visibility and insight
Learn how in our Lightwell B2B Framework Infographic

Why Consider a B2B Framework?

B2B integration is mission critical to your organization. That’s why you may be considering—or have already implemented—an IBM B2B Integration solution such as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Transformation Extender (ITX).

Perhaps you are in the process of planning an implementation of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator—but you’re faced with extremely tight deadlines, overwhelmed IT resources, and a shortage of the specific skills and expertise needed to ensure success.

Maybe you’re already enjoying the extensive capabilities of the IBM B2B integration solutions, but you’re facing challenges around managing exceptions and changes—including identifying and addressing errors, adding partners and addressing their changing needs, and responding to numerous information requests from internal departments, customers and partners.

The time, effort and delays involved not only drive up costs—they lead to customer dissatisfaction, challenges competing in new markets, failure to meet regularity requirements, and costly downtime in your supply chain.

Or, perhaps you want to get more value from the data that flows through your B2B operations. Executives, business and technical managers want and need visibility into the data and trends—but with so many specific, individual requirements and preferences, it isn’t feasible to generate and distribute reports for all of them. As a result, your company misses out on opportunities to identify and respond to trends, fine-tune decision-making, and outperform the competition.

How the Lightwell B2B Framework Can Help

We developed the Lightwell B2B Framework to help companies overcome these challenges, improve their operations, and get the most value from their B2B investments.  It has been developed based on expertise, insights and best practices gained through over a decade of working with IBM and assisting many companies across a variety of industries.

It helps companies achieve faster time-to-benefit for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, greater efficiency and control across their B2B operations, and enhanced visibility as they communicate with their partners, suppliers, and customers.

Lightwell B2B Framework for IBM B2B Integration


>> View our Lightwell B2B Framework Infographic to learn more


Our B2B Framework offers:

  • Over 300 pre-built components and assets
  • Pre-defined, configurable rules-based processes for most common communication, translation and routing needs
  • Centralized visibility and control of documents and processes
  • End-to-end visibility and 360 degree life-cycle tracking
  • Simplified trading partner onboarding and management
  • Secure, role-based access for business users and partners
  • Individualized dashboards and reporting for business and technical users

>> Learn more about the capabilities and benefits of the Lightwell B2B Framework.


Benefits of B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

As a result of leveraging the Lightwell B2B Framework, companies can:

  • Reduce B2B Integrator implementation time and cost by up to 70%
  • Reduce trading partner onboarding time from days or weeks to minutes, reducing costs while improving time to market
  • Simplify and centralize B2B administration tasks
  • Increase efficiency by quickly accessing, tracking, and reporting any and all transactions processed by the system
  • Gain end-to-end visibility and control throughout a document’s lifecycle, helping to quickly identify and resolve issues
  • Respond quickly to internal, customer and partner status requests, improving satisfaction
  • Empower business users and external partners with self-service tools to resolve issues, 24×7, improving efficiency and satisfaction
  • Empower business and technical staff across the organization to improve operations with highly-configurable, individualized dashboards and reports
  • And much more


The Lightwell B2B Framework Difference 

The Lightwell B2B Framework is different than other quick start or framework-type solutions in the marketplace.

  • The Lightwell B2B Framework is a proven, mature technology developed over more than a decade
  • It plays a critical role in some of the largest companies across the globe, including many of the Fortune 100
  • It is leveraged by companies across numerous industries, including Retail, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Financial, Logistics, Healthcare, and more
  • No third party licensing requirements or costs
  • It has reliably processed hundreds of millions of B2B and MFT transactions
  • In addition, it is backed by customer support and R&D teams to ensure the best experience for our customers

Improving IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and SAP Integration

Are you currently utilizing or plan to utilize IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with SAP? Lightwell’s B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator: SAP Edition is specifically designed to provide out-of-the-box B2B processing and integration for SAP customers. Learn more about B2B Framework – SAP Edition.

Get Started with Lightwell’s B2B Framework

Whether you’re just beginning your IBM Sterling Integrator implementation or are looking to extend the value of current business system by improving operational efficiencies, B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator will help you achieve greater benefits and higher ROI.

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