B2B Framework: SAP Edition
For IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Out-of-the-box integration between
B2B Integrator and SAP

Simplify Integration between B2B Integrator and SAP

The Lightwell B2B Framework: SAP Edition enhances the value of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator and related solutions through:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with SAP
  • Feature-rich document visibility
  • Document reprocessing
  • Numerous pre-built components

It provides a pre-packaged set of business processes, protocols and components for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, with consistent tracking and error notification for all message and document processing.

B2B Framework: SAP Edition Features

  • Over 300 pre-built components and standardized, rules-based process flows for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • Simplified communications management across all protocols
  • Out-of-the-box integration between IBM Sterling B2B Integrator with SAP
  • Support for multiple SAP connections from a single IBM Sterling B2B Integrator instance
  • Supports exchange of a full range of SAP IDoc status messages
  • Provides end-to-end document visibility and control, where outbound documents can be located and viewed by multiple criteria and reprocessed form the interface
  • Self-service access for business users, enabling them to view document status perform essential activities without requiring IT involvement

SAP-related capabilities include the following:

Capability Description

SAP Integration

  • Supports multiple SAP connections from a single Gentran or IBM Sterling Integrator instance
  • Supports exchange of a full range of SAP IDoc status messages
  • Supports portable maps, making the use of generic maps possible

Framework Management

  • Framework send/receive business processes for IBM Sterling Integrator SAP Suite Adapter
  • Allows implicit rules usage during document extraction to reconcile IDoc control record information with trading partner and B2B document type

Document Visibility

  • Outbound documents can be located and viewed using IDoc number, document reference and other selection criteria
  • Retrieved IDocs can be reprocessed from the same document visibility interface


Get Started  with B2B Framework: SAP Edition

Whether you’re just beginning your IBM Sterling Integrator implementation with SAP or are looking to extend the value of your current business system by improving operational efficiencies, B2B Framework: SAP Edition has the tools you need to provide an immediate return on investment.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.