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Automate the transformation of high-volume, complex transactions without the need for hand-coding

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceIBM Sterling Transformation Extender: Addressing Strict and Changing Standards, Rules and Guidelines

Moving large amounts of data—in theory—should a fairly easy task for a contemporary application.  However, industries such as healthcare, financial, insurance, and others can have very strict standards.  And these standards, rules and guidelines can (and do) change.

Healthcare is a prime example, where data standards have changed significantly in recent years.  With HIPAA and HITECH, the healthcare industry has been required to make significant changes to their data transformation standards in order to meet new rules and guidelines.  The financial and banking sectors have also undergone changes in their data standards, as well as the insurance and other industries.

Responding to Changing Data Standards

The one thing in common with all of these industries is that change is inevitable.  When change is required, how challenging is it for your business to implement a change in data standards?

If you’re like most companies, you probably spend a great deal of time (and money) on code maintenance and testing when a change is required. Also, can your existing applications handle these changes and requirements? And what means do you have to track, validate and audit data transfers?

Particularly in these industries, having a system in place that can expedite and track the transfer of massive amounts of data while also having the ability to quickly adapt to changing standards is desperately needed.  That system is IBM Transformation Extender.

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX)

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (formerly WebSphere Transformation Extender) is a dedicated data transformation engine for application integration.  It’s a mature, best-in-class tool that makes the data transformation process seamless and streamlined—even for the most demanding environments.

The ITX platform can quickly transform data from any format and make that data available to any application requesting the data. It is entirely standards-based and provides out-of-box capabilities for compliance mandates across multiple industries.

ITX can convert almost any formatted content and does so without any coding or scripting by a developer. It provides users with drag-and-drop technology and a number of pre-built functions to create processing rules that can validate content quality, calculate totals, and generate reports.  The ITX solution:

  • Provides a single, universal transformation solution to help eliminate the need for multiple data transformation tools.
  • Offers flexible deployment options to deliver transformation capabilities across your IT infrastructure.
  • Supports industry-standard data transformation requirements to help meet customer demands and government mandates.

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View the video below for an introduction to IBM Transformation Extender. 

Your Partner for the ITX Solution

The IBM Sterling Transformation Extender complements your existing applications and processes while also expediting and improving your data transformation steps.

However, when implementing this robust solution, it is extremely helpful to have the right integration partner on hand to make the most out of your technology investment.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

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