IBM Sterling Transformation
Extender Capabilities and Benefits

IBM Sterling Transformation Extender: Streamlining Data Transformation

IBM SaaS Cloud Solution Partner Provider IBM SaaSWhether you have ETL (extract, transform, load) processes, EDI processes, or other types of data transformation tasks, the IBM Sterling Transformation Extender (ITX) can make the work of managing those tasks, making updates, reporting, and tracking much easier.

Processes to move customer or patient records, for example, can be automated so that they are secure, efficient, and have the utmost reliability along with strong audit and tracking tools.

Transactional data for end-of-day closeout can be transformed and transmitted quickly and securely.  And record updates can be processed with exceptional efficiency.

ITX Capabilities and Benefits

Some of the capabilities and benefits of IBM Sterling Transformation Extender include:

  • A design studio component that allows for code-free development, debugging, and testing.
  • A one-pass lookup, validation, and transformation process makes the effort of transferring large amounts of data much smoother and easier to monitor
  • Support for EDI, XML, SWIFT, HIPAA and other standards-based B2B integration
  • Support for real-time integration of data from multiple applications, databases, messaging middleware and communications technologies across the enterprise.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions for industry standards and regulatory compliance–including financial, insurance, healthcare, and EDI.
  • Enterprise packs that make data integration with key enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems a snap.
  • Trading partner integration capabilities so that information can be exchanged easily and seamlessly.
  • Robust auditing and tracking systems to ensure events are recorded and issues are flagged and resolved.
  • An onboarding system to easily add new trading partners via a wizard interface—no special programming needed.
  • Security standards that meet or exceed industry requirements with government-certified encryption processes and a proprietary protocol that has never been breached

Your Partner in ITX Success

When implementing the ITX solution, it’s helpful to have the right integration partner on hand to make the most out of your technology investment.  That partner is Lightwell.

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