IBM Watson
Supply Chain

Cognitive technology for a transparent,
intelligent and predictive supply chain

Achieve a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain through the cognitive learning power of IBM Watson

IBM Platinum Excellence AwardOur experienced team can help you leverage the Watson Supply Chain solutions to solve problems proactively, get ahead of problems before they arise, and get expert recommendations that will help you gain strategic advantages.

We can help you plan, implement, and optimize the Watson Supply Chain solutions through a full range of services and complementary solutions.

Lightwell Watson Supply Chain Services

Watson Supply Chain Solutions

B2B Integration and Collaboration

Order Management, Fulfillment and Optimization

  • Deliver the perfect order from any channel with intelligent fulfillment. Streamline the order management process with a single view of orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network.
  • We help companies optimize their order orchestration and fulfillment processes with IBM Order Management and IBM Order Optimizer
  • Leverage our team’s extensive expertise in implementing, managing and optimizing these solutions.  Learn more about our comprehensive services for IBM Order Management and Order Optimizer
  • Gain even greater efficiency and standardization across your Order Management solutions while reducing time and cost with our Lightwell OMS and Sterling OMS Test Framework solutions

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Leverage cognitive technology to identify potential problems and opportunities, avoid disruptions, reduce costs, and improve performance.
  • Solutions include IBM Supply Chain Insights, IBM Supply Chain Business Network, and IBM Small Partner Automation.
  • Leverage our supply chain expertise to improve integration, business processes, and insights, while enhancing relationships with your partners.

Interested in learning more or getting started with Watson Supply Chain solutions? Contact us to discuss your needs and learn how Lightwell and IBM can help you achieve your goals.