IBM Partner
Enagement Manager

A centralized platform for trading
partner onboarding and management

Faster, Simpler Trading Partner Onboarding, Collaboration, and Management

As business becomes increasingly global in nature, companies must depend on an extensive network of partners, suppliers, and customers. As the size of these B2B communities continues to increase, so does the complexity of managing them.

Most companies haven’t had the luxury of a centralized platform for creating and managing their B2B communities. Instead, they have done so through multiple systems, tools, and networks.

This is not only resource-intensive and costly but makes it hard to keep up as well. Also, according to an IBM study, more than 70% of business managers report that IT either struggles or the volume of trading partners they need to onboard, or cannot support trading partners’ technical onboarding requirements.

Furthermore, beyond IT, this creates larger challenges for the business:

  • Companies are missing out on revenue and opportunities due to long delays and lack of visibility
  • Businesses often limit partner interactions due to their cumbersome nature and miss out on numerous opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
  • Insights around partner/supplier performance and risk are hard to come by which puts the company at greater risk. The time the information is manually gathered and presented to management, it’s already out of date.

A Better Way to Onboard and Manage Partners

With the right technology and approach, companies can automate and streamline B2B partner onboarding processes, improve partner engagement, and transform chaos into control in managing them.

IBM partner engagement manager (PEM) is a cloud-based solution that enables companies to connect with her B2B communities in easier, faster, and more streamlined ways. It enables them to transform how they engage with their community of partners, suppliers, and customers.

With PEM, companies can accelerate processes, increase control, and better leverage B2B relationships. Also, they can improve operational performance, accelerate time to revenue, and reduce risk.

View an introduction to Partner Engagement Manager in the video below.

PEM Capabilities

Enable web-based, business user self-service for sponsors and partners

  • Empowers business users to craft, tune, and execute the specific steps they need across the full B2B onboarding lifecycle
  • Sponsor companies can drive selected partner activities via self-service
  • Partners can manage their account details and participation, and update information on their own when something has changed

New capabilities to accelerate onboarding

  • Business users can onboard large numbers of trading partner all at once—or one by one as needed

Portal for sponsor/partner interactions

  • Enables the sponsor to drive higher engagement levels and help cultivate relationships in their community
  • Can be customized and branded by the sponsor

Instant alerting and rapid insights

  • Automated alerts highlight areas needed attention
  • Reporting provides rapid answers to questions around compliance, requirements, and more

Ongoing activity monitoring and control

  • PEM provides a centralized monitoring dashboard that shows the progress of activities and partners, with the ability to drill down, view more detail, and uncover issues
  • Managers can easily set up and review activities and groups within PEM, dramatically improving efficiency

APIs for integration with internal and external applications

  • PEM is designed for integration with the systems of record that sponsor organizations use to store critical trading partner data
  • Bidirectional data exchange helps to ensure that information is in sync, manual work and delays are minimized

Benefits of Partner Engagement Manager include:

  • Accelerate the time to revenue
  • Increase the speed of issue resolution
  • Reduce errors and support costs
  • Better enforcement of process and compliance standards
  • Centralize control and management of B2B processes
  • Improve relationships by nurturing and transforming relationships in your partner community
  • Increase collaboration and innovation
  • Reduce risk

Leverage our Expertise

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