IBM Financial Transaction Manager

For Banks and Financial Institutions

Process, Monitor, Track, and Report Payment Operations from a Single Platform

Technology brings both challenges and opportunities for your business. Although you need to provide new channels and payment processes to meet the needs of your clients and customers, this creates a huge increase in the amount of data you have to manage and it’s siloed in a variety of often incompatible systems.

If you can integrate all the systems you use to manage your financial transactions, you can reduce complexity and increase visibility—giving you a competitive edge and freeing you up to grow your business.

The Solution: IBM Financial Transaction Manager (FTM)

IBM Financial Transaction Manager delivers consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling banks and financial institutions to converge their payment operations onto a single platform. In addition, it can accelerate the delivery of improved financial products and services to customers.

It is available for three different types of financial payment systems:

  • Check services
  • ACH services
  • Corporate payment systems

View the video below to learn more about IBM Financial Transaction Manager’s capabilities and benefits, as well as how Lightwell can help.

How Lightwell Can Help

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Lightwell is prepared to help you implement and optimize your IBM Financial Transaction Manager solution for your particular organizational needs.

Partnering with Lightwell ensures that you will have a smooth and successful implementation. As a full-service provider of consulting services for the IBM Commerce portfolio, we design, deliver, manage and support IBM B2B integration and payments solutions from end to end, including:

The Lightwell teams offers you state-of-the art technology and unparalleled expertise to assist you with your implementation and beyond.  Our IT consultants have the deep technical, business and industry expertise to help you with business and technology planning, technical configuration, skilled project management and more.  We are committed to making our customers more agile and successful. Let us do the same for you.

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