IBM Financial Transaction Manager
Capabilities & Benefits

For Banks & Financial Institutions

IBM FTM Capabilities

The IBM Financial Transaction Manager solution orchestrates and monitors financial transactions across any payment infrastructure, dramatically reducing transaction costs while managing risk exposure. It provides:

IBM FTM Benefits

  • Accelerates the delivery of new banking and financial institution products in a timely manner by shortening the time required for development and testing
  • Up to 50% reduction in the time and cost required to modify, upgrade and add new interfaces into the payment system
  • Increasing the speed of onboarding customers by up to 60%
  • Reducing risk, accuracy, and security through better processing of cash and business information
  • Improved transparency of payment status for corporate customers
  • Reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction by enabling increased service levels, including self service options
  • Reduces operational risk through reduced complexity, fewer interfaces  and better monitoring

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