Consumer Goods
B2B Integration Solutions

Optimize Integration and Collaboration
with Customers and Suppliers

Our B2B integration solutions and services help Consumer Goods companies optimize their B2B customer and supplier interactions while helping them achieve their business objectives.

We offer a proven, enterprise-grade suite of services and solutions that enable companies to:

  • Connect with all of their B2B customers and suppliers, building and simplifying communications—regardless of size, geography or technical sophistication
  • Streamline and automate transactions, files, and business processes
  • Integrate customer and supplier information with internal systems
  • Simplify trading partner onboarding and management processes
  • Reduce complexity of systems required to support B2B and supply chain processes
  • Gain end-to-end, real-time operational and business visibility
  • Gain actionable insights for improving collaboration and decision-making

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’ve assisted many large and mid-size consumer goods companies with their B2B initiatives.

Learn more about the solutions and services involved in our consumer goods B2B integration guide, or contact us today for assistance.