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Industry-Leading Technology and Services Components

B2B Managed Services: Technology Components

B2B Integration Managed Services Technology Components

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator or IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Basic Edition

A best-in-class solution that enables you to integrate complex B2B processes with your diverse partner community. It supports a broad range of industry B2B communications standards and provides high-performance data translation capabilities.

You’ll be able to communicate and exchange information with any of your customers and partners in virtually any data format.

Lightwell B2B Framework

A powerful toolset that enhances the capabilities of B2B Integrator through hundreds of pre-built components, business processes and advanced features. It reduces implementation time and cost, and minimizes the need for custom development, ensuring you’ll be up and running quickly and cost-effectively.

B2B Framework also ensures standards and best practices are followed, streamlines trading partner onboarding and management, and enables an exceptional level of visibility and control. This helps you get the most out of your system while keeping startup and ongoing management costs down.

World-Class Infrastructure

When we host your B2B solution, you will benefit from industry-leading performance, high availability and scalability, data archiving, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

B2B Managed Services: Services Components 

With our skilled team assisting you, you’ll benefit from decades of experience in EDI and B2B integration strategy, implementation,  optimization, management, technical support, and business partner community management. We provide the following  services and capabilities as part of our B2B managed services offerings.

B2B Managed Services - Services Components

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