B2B Integration SaaS

Software as a Service Solution for the
IBM Sterling B2B Integration Suite of Solutions
Learn about the business value of B2B integration managed services.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Solutions for B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer

Do any of the following scenarios apply to your company?

  • Your company has had IBM Sterling Gentran in place for some time and wish to expand your B2B integration capabilities
  • Your company is running an older version of the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution and you wish to upgrade to the latest version
  • Your company is currently leveraging a basic B2B integration solution, but you are considering a migration to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • You are enjoying the benefits of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, but you are considering B2B managed services through an experienced partner
  • Your company requires B2B integration capabilities and are considering leveraging the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution
  • Your company is considering the addition of IBM Sterling File Gateway or IBM Sterling Transformation Extender, but you don’t have the time or expertise to implement and manage these solutions

With any of these scenarios, Lightwell can assist in numerous ways. Whether you need assistance with design and implementation, need additional resources to augment your team, would like additional support services, or would like us to manage your environment 24X7 –we can help.  Learn more about our consulting services for B2B integration

SaaS for IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer Suite

In addition to our B2B Managed Services solution, we now offer a SaaS solution for B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer.  Our B2B SaaS solution can help you achieve the far-reaching benefits of the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution (as well as other solutions within the IBM B2B integration portfolio including IBM Sterling File Gateway and IBM Sterling Transformation Extender, while:

  • Minimizing the up-front expenditures and resource investments for software, hardware and services
  • Reducing the costs of ongoing management, support and upgrades
  • Benefitting from the latest B2B integration technology without the need to worry about the impact on your infrastructure, staff, and budget

Our experienced team fully manages the B2B integration solution in our world-class environment, provides support, and monitors the solution to ensure everything is running smoothly.

This enables your team to focus on the information and business processes that will optimize your supply chain, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.

Your Partner for B2B Integration Success

IBM Premier Business Partner - Smarter CommerceWith thousands of successful engagements, Lightwell has the IBM Sterling B2B integration consulting experience to ensure your solution is optimized for your processes and goals.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and determine which of our deployment options, including B2B managed services and SaaS, is right for your company.