IBM Certified Containers
For B2B Collaboration

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

A Faster, More Secure Way to Modernize and Scale B2B Integrator Across Hybrid Environments

IBM Certified Containers for B2B Collaboration and OMS are enterprise-grade secure hybrid solutions running on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. They offer integrated common software services for easy install and configure, zero-downtime upgrades, dynamic scaling, and top-notch deployment management capabilities.

Built with the industry-leading managed Kubernetes service, Red Hat OpenShift provides speed and agility for companies looking for quick-paced development processes, while also bringing significant savings in IT operational costs for current IBM Sterling B2B Integrator clients through containerized architecture models.

With IBM Certified Containers for B2B Collaboration and OMS you can:

  • Simplify application deployment and maintenance with zero downtime upgrades
  • Manage the deployment lifecycle through a single pane of glass
  • Improve logging and monitoring and support for continuous integration & delivery
  • Auto-scale with standardize deployment across all environments
  • Accelerate start-up time and new instance creation
  • Optimize your infrastructure by capacity scaling & reduced compute resources
  • Protect your brand reputation with highest standards of security

B2B Certified Containers Highlights

  • Complete yet simple
    Modular and easily consumed with application, data and OS Services
  • IBM certified
    Full software stack support with continual security, compliance and version verification
  • Run anywhere
    On-premises, on private and public clouds, multi-cloud, multi-platform validated

IBM B2B Certified Containers Benefits

Benefits resulting from the adoption of IBM Sterling B2B Integration Certified Containers include:

  • 2x faster development productivity
  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Improve application quality and reduced defects
  • >50% reduction in overall operating costs
  • >50% improvement in operational efficiency
  • Up to 80% faster time to market
  • Improved governance and compliance while reducing risk
  • Faster response to changes in the market

And, with IBM and Red Hat OpenShift together, clients enjoy advantages of two industry leaders; best practices, open-source commitment, a graphical interface, and visualization to lower cost and risk.

Accelerate Your B2B Cloud Journey

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