IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Seamless, secure and scalable integration between
your complex business processes and your
diverse business partner community
Learn about B2B Integrator 6.0, featuring Global Mailbox, Docker Containers & RESTful APIs

A Powerful, Scalable, and Secure B2B Gateway

IBM Business Partner Excellence Award 2019IBM B2B Integrator provides a scalable, secure and always-on platform for seamless connectivity and information flow across your B2B value chain and partner ecosystem.

It helps companies across industries and around the world integrate all their complex B2B/EDI processes across their partner communities in a single B2B gateway.

This highly-flexible, trusted solution enables quick and easy connections to any partner, ensures B2B relationships are collaborative and productive, supports most data transformation and communication protocols needs, tightly secures the B2B value chain and data, and enables always-on connectivity to address the requirements of today’s highly-connected global economy.

It delivers the essential capabilities you need to overcome complexity and ensure seamless, frictionless, reliable communication and collaboration with your partner community.  With IBM B2B Integrator you can:

  • Integrate your B2B communications between your systems and diverse partner communities
  • Connect to all of your business partners—regardless of differences in size, geography or choice of technology
  • Streamline business processes across your enterprise boundaries
  • Dramatically reduce trading partner onboarding time
  • Establish clearer, deeper visibility into and across your supply and demand chains
  • Improve data security to better protect your company
  • Ensure high-availability B2B operations

Leveraging B2B integrator along with our team’s expertise, you can achieve numerous business benefits including:

  • Reduced supply chain costs
  • Increased channel productivity
  • Faster time-to-market for new sales channels
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction levels 

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Tap Into Our Expertise

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we have extensive experience with the industry-leading IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution. We offer a full range of B2B Integrator consulting services as well as a B2B Framework for streamlining the implementation and optimizing benefits of the B2B integrator solution.

As a full-service IBM B2B Integrator services, solutions and support provider, we design, deliver, manage and support IBM solutions from end-to-end, including:

We also offer a wealth of knowledge to call upon before, during and after the solution implementation, including business and technology planning, technical configuration expertise, skilled project management and more.

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B2B Framework for IBM B2B Integrator

In addition, our B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator provides companies a set of pre-built tools and capabilities that can dramatically reduce implementation time, minimize TCO and provide a wide range of enhancements to the B2B integrator solution.  Learn more about Lightwell’s B2B Framework.

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