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Services for Achieving the Full Benefits of IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

The IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution (formerly Sterling Integrator and Gentran Integration Suite) is highly configurable and offers numerous options for protocols, communications, business processes, and more.

IBM Business Partner Excellence Award 2019With that in mind, a B2B integration staff that is already stretched too thin may find the solution implementation a bit overwhelming—especially when it involves tight deadlines. Obtaining expert and objective guidance from an experienced partner before, during and after implementation is highly recommended in order to achieve the full benefits of the B2B Integrator solution.

A Long History of EDI and B2B Integration Consulting Success

An IBM Platinum Business Partner with extensive experience with IBM Sterling solutions, Lightwell (formerly Oxford Consulting Group) provides expert consulting resources to design, implement, support, and optimize the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution.

Our B2B integration consultants have been involved in all aspects of the B2B Integrator solution–from development and design, to implementation and upgrades, to support and SaaS–and offer years of knowledge and best practices gained from working with many companies and industries.

Whether you need to augment your existing staff during the solution implementation or outsource the B2B Integrator solution, we can design a cost-effective solution that fits your needs precisely.

Comprehensive Services and Support for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Our initiative begins with a joint discussion on the business impact, benefits, and justification for the solution.  We learn in-depth about your B2B operations, all of the processes involved, and how your systems and trading partners currently interact.

We then conduct a joint comprehensive design and plan process to determine the business process development and other custom development required for your implementation of the B2B Integrator solution. From there we can provide a wide range of B2B integration consulting services, including:

B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

In addition to these services, we offer a B2B Framework quickstart package and flexible toolset designed specifically for improving time-to-benefit, and enhancing the value and capabilities of the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution.  Our B2B Framework solution has reduced implementation time for B2B Integrator by up to 70% for some of our clients.

Learn more about Lightwell’s B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, B2B Framework with Document Visibility Interface, and B2B Framework: SAP Edition  >>

Your Partner for B2B Integrator Success

When it comes to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, our skills and experience are unmatched.  With numerous successful B2B integration solution implementations, we provide the technical capabilities as well as the industry experience needed to help achieve the best results and the lowest cost of ownership.

The first-class team of consultants at Lightwell will help you full advantage of all of the B2B Integration tools available in the IBM arsenal while also benefiting from a technology partner that genuinely cares about your success and minimizing your total cost of ownership.

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Lightwell assists companies across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.